June 18, 2014

Liverpool University Press and Liverpool University Library select BiblioBoard® for ground-breaking e-textbook project funded by Jisc

Staff Report  /  Charleston Digital Corridor

BiblioBoard will host the innovative new textbook being created jointly by Liverpool University Press, the University of Liverpool Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and the University Library. This project, funded by Jisc, seeks to address the question: can a university working as an e-textbook creator and publisher better serve students and promote a more sustainable information environment in higher education?

The e-textbook Using Primary Sources: A Guide for Students is expected to launch on BiblioBoard in September 2015. The book will be produced under the General Editorship of Jonathan Hogg and used across the university's School of History.

Professor Fiona Beveridge, Acting Executive Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Humanities and Social Sciences, says, "The development of Open Access e-textbooks will significantly enhance the Liverpool student experience through the elimination of cost to students for course materials and the opportunity to tailor those materials to exact pedagogical requirements."

Beveridge also commends the e-textbook for being open access: "The open availability should also see the e-textbooks, which will be published under the University of Liverpool imprimatur, widely used in other institutions." Mitchell Davis, founder and Chief Business Officer of BiblioLabs, agrees that this access model is ideal. "I'm thrilled that Liverpool wants to share its valuable textbook so widely. It makes BiblioBoard a natural choice of platform because it offers a world-class user experience whether the student is on the web or on a mobile device, viewing text or streaming video. The platform allows digital content to be organized and presented in a context that provides extra value to scholars, and it can be easily shared in an open access format."

University Librarian Phil Sykes added, "Quite simply, this is a project that ticks all the boxes. It's visionary, innovative and shows the way forward into the still uncharted territory of e-textbook provision. It's practical, in that it addresses the pressing problem of how we ensure that students have access to core textbooks without imposing an undue financial burden upon them. And it demonstrates the way the Library and the University Press at Liverpool are working together to change the landscape of information provision for the better."