April 24, 2014

Optimizely and Blue Acorn Push Boundaries for Testing in eCommerce

Blue Acorn Release

Charleston, SC (PRWEB) April 24, 2014 - Optimizely, the world's leading web optimization platform, recently made some major announcements at its first annual OptiCon event. The company announced it will be releasing a family of enhanced APIsand recognized Blue Acorn as the winner of their first Optie Award for Partner Excellence.

The newly enhanced APIs will allow testing experiments to be created within their clients' CMS platform, rather than having to simultaneously use the Optimizely interface. The announcement came during the opening keynote by Optimizely Co-Founder & CEO, Dan Siroker. Siroker was joined on stage by Kevin Eichelberger, Founder & CEO of Blue Acorn, who delivered a proof of concept to illustrate just some of the possibilities the enhanced API will offer.

"When Optimizely told us of their plans to enhance their API, our eyes opened wide to the possibilities," explained Eichelberger. "We immediately began working to see how this could benefit Magento users. With these enhancements, users of the world's most popular enterprise-level eCommerce CMS platform [Magento] will be able to run optimization tests from within the Magento admin, including traffic allocation, without ever having to go into Optimizely itself."

Similar to the existing Optimizely extension for Magento that Blue Acorn built for Optimizely users last year, the thought behind this particular enhancement is a very unselfish one. Its sole purpose is to make using Optimizely easier for users, even if that means spending less time within an Optimizely-branded platform.

Blue Acorn was later honored with Optimizely's first Optie award for Partner Excellence, having run the most statistically significant experiments across the largest number of Optimizely clients. Blue Acorn credits its success to good tools and an "Intelligent Approach to Optimization," which involves using both quantitative and qualitative data to form better hypothesis that are then tested for statistical significance.

"Blue Acorn takes our customers' success to the next level," said Siroker. "They are constantly pushing the boundaries of CRO in eCommerce and executing technically-challenging tests to help our customers create robust experiences. As thought leaders in a nascent and growing industry, we're excited to see their business take off."

Blue Acorn and Optimizely will be sharing their testing and conversion optimization expertise with attendees at Magento's annual Imagine conference in Las Vegas, NV next month, where eCommerce merchants will have the opportunity to go over their testing plans and receive free consultations from representatives of both companies in the Optimization Suite.

About Optimizely:

****Optimizely is the world's leading web optimization platform, providing A/B testing, multivariate testing, and website personalization for individuals and organizations with and without technical expertise. The platform's ease of use empowers organizations to conceive of and run experiments that help them make better data-driven decisions. With targeting and segmentation using powerful real-time data, Optimizely meets the diverse needs of any business looking to deliver unique web experiences to their visitors.

About Blue Acorn:

Blue Acorn is a premium eCommerce agency helping retailers and brands achieve revenue growth through a comprehensive, data-driven approach. In order to best support this approach, they have become the first and only agency in the world to hold certified partnerships with Magento, Google, and Optimizely. They are committed to delivering Intelligent eCommerce solutions rooted in data and driven by their best-in-class design, development, marketing, and optimization capabilities.

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