November 22, 2013

Bucquistador Celebrates National Launch With Free Fundraisers And A Charity eBay Bucket List Auction

Charleston, SC startup introduces a new way to enable users to complete their life?s goals.

CHARLESTON, SC (November 22, 2013) – Bucquistador is pleased to announce the national launch of their innovative bucket list crowdfunding and social networking website. This free account is the first to bring together components of goal completion, event management, and crowdfunding on one user-friendly platform. "Users can create their personal bucket list by adding new goals or selecting from a database of thousands of popular items," said Tori Schallot, Founder and CEO of Bucquistador. "This ingenious system matches personal goals to items populated on personal pages of friends, enabling you to engage with users and schedule events based on mutual goals." Bucquistador's crowdfunding supported software enables users to raise funds in two manners:

  • Traditional crowdfunding – Users create a campaign detailing their bucket list fundraiser goal. Friends and family can contribute any amount from $1 to $10,000 toward funding that goal.
  • Group payments - Users can collect fixed amounts for items like group vacations and ticket purchases.

Bucquistador is celebrating our national launch with two special promotions:

  • Free fundraisers through Dec. 31, 2013: Bucquistador will waive the four percent crowdfunding and group payment administration fees for fundraisers completed by 11:59pm December 31, 2013. Bucquistador processes fundraisers with some of the lowest crowdfunding fees available, but this promotion provides all users with a free experience.
  • Tell our CEO what to do: Our CEO has a bucket list goal of raising money for charity, and your bid could decide what she will do. By using this custom eBay link, bidders could vote for our CEO to shave her head, ride a bull (real or mechanical), get a tattoo of their company name or logo, jump out of a plane, or give away free hugs dressed as Batman, to name a few. Bidders will receive a custom t-shirt and all proceeds will go to charity.

To learn more about Bucquistador or to create your bucket list, please visit

About Bucquistador

Headquartered in Charleston, SC, Bucquistador provides a daily opportunity for users to inspire others and be inspired. By publishing their goals, networking with others, and providing tools to help manage events and monetary components, users are equipped with the resources needed to aid them in breaking down the barriers that previously kept them from completing their goals. Visit or call 1.843.302.1773 for more information.