November 4, 2013

Salaries up 7% for Charleston Digital Corridor companies

Staff Report  /  Charleston Regional Business Journal

Salaries at the Charleston Digital Corridor averaged $71,657 in 2013, up 7.17% from 2012, according to the Corridor's 2013 Wage and Job Growth Survey.

The Corridor's average salary is 1.74 times the region's average per capita wage of $41,180 and 1.85 times the state's average of $38,700.

Beyond wage levels, Charleston's tech companies are becoming a larger component of the regional workforce with 94% of the companies reporting staff increases in 2013 and 88% expecting to continue hiring in 2014, the survey said.

On the real estate front, 50% of the companies expect to add additional office space in 2014.

"Charleston's tech economy continues a pattern of significant strength as demonstrated by the 2013 survey," Digital Corridor Foundation Chairman Kirk King said in a news release. "Our sharpened focus on talent development through Codecamp will ensure that tech companies in Charleston have the skilled workforce to grow their enterprise."

The Digital Corridor aims to build Charleston's knowledge economy through its Flagship co-working spaces, which include Flagship 1 and 2 in operation and Flagship 3 under construction; Codecamp trainings, which is in its second round; and a future seed capital fund, which Charleston Digital Corridor Director Ernest Andrade expects to launch soon.

Andrade said the past 10 years of surveys have shown positive growth in the tech sector, even amid the recession.

"The success of Charleston's knowledge economy is the direct result of an effective and highly focused, public-private partnership," Andrade said.