October 30, 2013

eGroup Launches eBook: Do You Know Where Your Data Is? 6 tips to fight Cloud Sprawl and take back control of your data?


Exclusive eBook delivers guidance to IT leadership on how to sensibly manage cloud, application and data sprawl among the user base

MT. PLEASANT, SC – October 29, 2013 – "Do You Know Where Your Data Is? 6 tips to fight Cloud Sprawl and take back control of your data" is officially available for download on eGroup's Website.

eGroup developed the practical, step-by-step eBook to help IT leaders who are struggling to maintain legacy systems while dealing with explosive growth in mobile and cloud technologies among the user base.

According to eGroup, employees who build their own IT solutions tend to jam their data into isolated silos that obscure any high-level view of an organization's data. These systems pave over the fertile potential for a company to develop coordinated strategies. They duplicate resources and eat up storage. And, while some employees manage to lock up their data when they leave for the day, others unintentionally leave the doors wide open.

The eBook argues that it's time for organizations to take back their resources and direct the efforts of their most talented workers.

The following tips, detailed in the eBook, clear the confusion of cloud sprawl and outline how IT leaders can return to a clean, productive IT environment where both the users and IT are happy.

Tip 1: Admit it: Your Most Capable Employees Contribute to Cloud Sprawl

Tip 2: Understand the Millennials: They're Your Customers and Employees

Tip 3: Manage Data, Not Devices

Tip 4: Combine Forces with 'Shadow IT' Business Users

Tip 5: Think Beyond Text

Tip 6: Create Your Own Cloud Community


About eGroup

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