September 11, 2013

Creative Chatter's Voice Just Got Louder

Creative Chatter

Creative Chatter, a crowd resourcing platform that geographically matches available resources to needs of nonprofit organizations, is pleased to announce an alliance with WAY FM radio in Charleston, SC.

Creative Chatter allows the public to post any non-monetary resource they have available. Creative Chatter allows organizations to apply for membership, at no charge, and then post needs. This ensures needs are verified. Based on the geographical location of these needs and resources, Creative Chatter's platform then makes the appropriate match.

WAY FM, a Christian radio station found on the dial at 100.9 and 101.3, believes Creative Chatter to be a perfect tool to support the various nonprofit organizations in their listening area. "WAY FM is here to serve our community. When we heard about Creative Chatter, we thought what a great weapon to help fight poverty. By supporting Creative Chatter, we can actually support all the organizations in our listening area at one time", said WAY FM General Manager Bret Bremberg.

Clay Braswell, CEO of Creative Chatter, said, "We look at the need/resource issue as an information and logistics issue. There is a great deal of "stuff" in our cities and towns but nobody has taken advantage of technology to coordinate their matching, until now. Our platform is designed to save organizations time and effort. Look, we know that simply giving people items will not end the cycle of poverty found across the globe. That's why we only allow organizations to post needs. If these organizations have a tool that will allow them to spend less time looking for "stuff", they can spend more time uplifting and mentoring people."

Creative Chatter's platform is designed to be sponsored by business and media in local communities. This allows the product to be available to all who need it. In return, Creative Chatter provides a wonderful platform for Business and Media outlets to engage with consumers, but also directly support and improve their community.

About Creative Chatter
Creative Chatter is a web based software application that matches needs with resources through "crowd resourcing". Organizations verify needs in their communities and individuals post available resources to their account. Creative Chatter's intelligent system matches the resource to the need.

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