May 28, 2013

Introducing Bucquistador, Bucket List Centered Social Networking

Bucquistador Release

Charleston, SC startup introduces a new way to enable users to complete their life?s goals.

CHARLESTON, SC (MAY 28, 2013) – Bucquistador is pleased to announce the launch of an innovative bucket list social networking website that breaks down the barriers preventing each of us from completing our goals and ambitions. Users can create their personal bucket list, or list of life goals; while engaging with other users, scheduling events around their bucket items, and even raising funds through crowdfunding supported software. Bucquistador's free account is the first to bring together components of goal completion, event management, and crowdfunding to a single, user-friendly platform. Targeted advertising allows users to complete their life's dreams; without being cluttered by irrelevant unsolicited spam.

Bucquistador provides a daily opportunity for users to inspire others and be inspired. Users can search a database of public bucket list items; including the top 100 trending items, to inspire and nurture the user's experience. Bucquistador allows the user to complete their goals and encourages them to connect with the online community. Everyone is encouraged to use the website, not only for themselves, but so they can search bucket lists of friends and family; ultimately supporting and encouraging the accomplishment of all goals. "Bucquistador's unique social community allows everyone the chance to support, help, and fund the life goals for all users," said TJ Schallot, Bucquistador's Founder and CEO.

Crowdfunding is one of the most innovative features of **Bucquistador **and can be used either as a campaign or pool fund. A campaign allows friends and family to contribute to a specific bucket item. The pool funding allows users to fund group bucket items, such as bulk ticket purchases and group vacations. **Bucquistador **collects payments from all participants and alerts the organizer when the payment is received. This innovative crowdfunding feature provides users with the opportunity to fulfill bucket lists; by eliminating any financial barriers while opening the door and allowing users the ability to pursue their life goals. To learn more about Bucquistador please visit

TJ Schallot
(843) 302-1773