May 8, 2013

PeopleMatter Platform Solution Delivers Results for Dodge's

Convenience Store Saves Time, Cuts Costs and Increases Projected Tax Credits With HR Automation

Dodge's –- a convenience chain known for its Southern hospitality and Southern style chicken, and PeopleMatter –- the fastest growing comprehensive human resource software provider for the service industry, announced today the results achieved by automating its HR practices. The PeopleMatter Platform helped Dodge's save time, cut costs and increased the company's projected tax credits.

Dodge's previous hiring process involved paper applications, round one interviews, third-party assessments and a final interview with an area leader that was wrapped up with a background check before making an offer. By implementing PeopleMatter HIRE™ and rolling pre-screening tools and automated forms into the application, the company reduced unnecessary interviews by 37 percent and Day 1 paperwork by 75 percent.

"Through the PeopleMatter system we are finding people who are genuinely looking for work rather than people who are just filling out an application," shared Nat Leathers, Dodge's Executive Vice President of HR and Operations.

In addition to automating the company's applications, PeopleMatter's Platform solutions helped improve Dodge's HR practices by:

  • Increasing the effectiveness of training time,
  • Improving the quality of candidate actually interviewed,
  • Reducing required paperwork and time-to-hire and
  • Centralizing and increasing control of HR processes.

The Platform's training module –- PeopleMatter LEARN™ –- expanded the ability to share the company's mission, practices and expectations with its employees. LEARN's automated distribution and tracking tools helped improve Dodge's training on regulatory compliance for alcohol and tobacco. Employees now have a better understanding of their employer's expectations and why training and regulatory compliance is critical in the convenience store industry. Dodges calls the training module "a better fit" than providing employees printouts and expecting them to educate themselves.

"LEARN helps standardize our training," said Leathers. "Now the training process is more consistent, structured and can be tracked. It's a more effective use of training time with a higher level of engagement."

PeopleMatter's cloud-based Platform provides transparency into the company's HR process. The more wide-ranging perspective gives management a clear concept of where inefficient practices can be addressed and increases corporate regulation at individual locations. From a location standpoint, managers are better able to receive assistance when needed.

"Dodge's vision is to make life better for all the people with whom the company interacts," shared PeopleMatter President and Chief Executive Officer, Nate DaPore. "The collaboration between our companies helps Dodge's uphold that vision to one of their most important stakeholders –- the company's employees. PeopleMatter solutions are designed to improve the way the hourly workforce works, and that's what we are doing for clients like Dodge's."

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