May 1, 2013

SPARC Launches Prepado, an Interview Preparation Platform for Job Seekers

SPARC Release

Charleston, SC - April 30, 2013 - SPARC announced the launch of its first consumer product today, Prepado, an interview practice tool, designed to help job seekers prepare for real life interviews.

Job interviews are a source of stress for many, and more than 60% of respondents in a SmartRecruiters survey of job-seekers and employers said that their experience with the hiring process has been less than positive. Prepado alleviates some of the tension and apprehension associated with the hiring process and arms job seekers with the ammo they need to nail their interviews and get the job offer.

"What's unique about Prepado is that it takes interview preparation further than other tools, as we offer real-world, job specific questions that are even broken down by skill level," explained Jake Benardot, Product Owner for Prepado. "Prepado users have access to our entire database, containing thousands of questions and answers in hundreds of categories used by real companies."

"Prepado has really helped me identify gaps in my knowledge base and help react to some of the more off-the-wall type questions that you are never really sure how to handle until you've practiced. It gave me the extra boost of confidence when walking into the interview room because I knew I was ready for any questions thrown my way," said Marita Hansen, soon-to-be graduate from the College of Charleston with a major in International Business.

With Prepado, a job seeker selects the role they are interviewing for and the career level (entry, mid, or senior) and Prepado returns the perfect practice interview with questions to fill approximately 60 minutes. Each question includes suggested answers and tips for the user to review at the completion of the exercise. Prepado subscriptions include unlimited practice interviews, so the job seekers can work until they feel ready and confident.

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Prepado is an interview preparation platform that guides job seekers through the entire interview process using real-world practice interviews, scheduling tools, and up-to-date resources. Prepado practice interviews are generated using thousands of real-world interview questions used by real companies to ensure job seekers are ready and confident come interview day. Crush your next interview; get your next job with

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