January 8, 2013

Omatic Integrates The Raiser's Edge with Accounting Systems for Nonprofits

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CHARLESTON, S.C., Jan. 8, 2013 – Within the nonprofit sector, there has historically been a disconnect between the fundraising database and the accounting system, presenting a challenge to report revenue from gifts received. Most fundraising departments are part of a larger organization which have financial systems not integrated with their Raiser's Edge databases. This leaves manual entry with complex manipulations the only means of reconciling transactions and posting the gifts to the financial system. This dual entry into both fundraising and accounting systems frequently causes errors and inaccuracies.

PostOmatic is a solution for The Raiser's Edge that serves as an integration between the fundraising and accounting systems, creating and transmitting import files tailored specifically for the organization's financial system. "PostOmatic for The Raiser's Edge is an affordable software solution for nonprofits looking to easily integrate their fundraising system with their accounting system," stated Tim Burris, Development Manager at Omatic Software. "This solution allows departments to use their accounting system of choice while minimizing the time and effort for data entry and reconciliation."

PostOmatic offers numerous configurations for summarizing financial transactions. This new tool provides flexible options to define the output format such as summarizing and grouping gift revenue data targeted to an organization's specific financial system. In addition to financial data synchronization, PostOmatic offers the ability to update gift records and data output such as adding attributes to gifts meeting certain criteria or parsing/joining GL account numbers into/from multiple fields. Currently, this functionality is only accomplished with costly custom software solutions or unwieldy spreadsheets.

PostOmatic will save both time and money for nonprofits by easily integrating their fundraising data with their accounting system, without complex manual processes. To learn more about PostOmatic, or to request a live demonstration, please visit: www.OmaticSoftware.com.

About Omatic Software

Omatic Software is a Blackbaud Application Partner that provides solutions to enhance Blackbaud's The Raiser's Edge(r), The Financial Edge™ and The Education Edge™. Founded in 2002 and a Blackbaud partner since 2004, Omatic Software boasts over 165 years combined experience working with Blackbaud products and nonprofits. Omatic Software's mission to improve organizational efficiency and eliminate manual processes has positively impacted more than 950 nonprofit organizations worldwide. Omatic Software currently offers and supports over 10 software solutions which work to help enhance efficiency solutions for nonprofits and educational organizations.

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