December 20, 2012

Two New Degrees at ECPI University Charleston

The Moultrie News

ECPI University is pleased to announce that it is now offering two Bachelor of Science Degrees in Computer and Information Science, with concentrations in Software Development and Cloud Computing and Virtualization at its Charleston campus.

Software Development

The curriculum emphasizes teaching students how to write and maintain source code and become knowledgeable in the planning and structured process involved with software development. They are also instructed on how to develop efficient and scalable programs, mobile and web applications, and cloud-based software using languages and technologies such as Java, C#, Objective-C, Python, iOS, Android, jQuery, Google App Engine, BigTable, and MongoDB.

Building upon ECPI's tradition of providing an interactive, application-based education, graduates of this program are prepared to:

  • Develop desktop, mobile, web, and cloud applications
  • Integrate with relational databases like Oracle and MySQL, and non-relational databases like BigTable (used by Google) and MongoDB (used by Foursquare)
  • Design and implement RESTful web services
  • Apply information assurance knowledge to the design of secure applications
  • Deploy applications through thin clients (computer programs which depends heavily on another computer or server to fulfill its traditional computational roles)
  • Use professional software development tools and source code management systems

Cloud Computing

"The importance of this degree is that it prepares students to help an organization increase information technology agility, flexibility, and security while reducing the cost and complexity of managing legacy network infrastructures," says Charleston Campus President James Weaver. "The demand for these skill sets is great since companies are relying on this technology to improve efficiencies while continuing to offer services that help them maintain their business- driven competitive edge."

Building upon ECPI's tradition of providing an interactive, application-based education, graduates of this program are prepared to:

  • Install and configure virtual servers
  • Implement and manage virtual servers and data centers
  • Use the cloud services for storage and virtualization
  • Design and secure fault tolerant enterprise networks

According to the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook, employment of computer network and systems administrators is projected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations and add 286,600 new jobs over the 2008-18 decade. Graduates in this field are typically employed in such areas as:

  • Network Support and Help Desks
  • Network and Datacenter Administrator
  • Network Infrastructure Support
  • Virtual Server Administrator
  • Storage Technology Manager
  • Information Technology Solution Providers
  • Network Implementation Team

For more information, please contact Campus President James Weaver at 843.414.0350 or