December 14, 2012

Distil Union?s Snooze iPhone Accessory Gives Users a Giant Snooze Button to Press

Tyler Lee  /  ubergizmo

Waking up to an alarm is hardly a pleasant experience for the most of us, and reaching over to press the snooze button has become sort of instinctual. Most of us probably use our smartphones as our alarm clocks these days, and having to fumble for it in the dark while all groggy kind of makes us wish for the good old days of bedside alarm clocks. Well if you're looking for a quick and no-brainer way to hit the snooze button on your smartphone, Distil Union's Kickstarter project for an accessory called "Snooze" has been realized and can now be purchased.

As you can see above, Snooze is basically a dock for your iPhone with a giant snooze button at the top. There are no intricate mechanics or electronics involved, but rather the snooze button will actually depress the volume rocker on your iPhone which in turn activates the snooze function. It's simple and straightforward and it actually doesn't look too bad. If you wouldn't mind getting your hands on it, you will be able to buy one for yourself via Distil Union's website for $39.99.