December 12, 2012

Bobby And Steve's Auto World Revs Up HR With PeopleMatter

PeopleMatter buffs out inefficient HR practices for all-purpose autocare chain.

Charleston, SC - December 12, 2012 - Bobby and Steve's Auto World – an automotive care and convenience store retailer – and PeopleMatter – the only comprehensive HR software provider for the service industry – announced today a collaboration to streamline hiring, training and scheduling practices. The Minnesota-based, all-purpose autocare convenience chain's six locations bring more than 300 employees onto the PeopleMatter Platform.

The unique culture at Steve and Bobby's Auto World's is designed around people who are "alive, alert, awake and enthusiastic." The chain also has a distinct place in the C-Store market with its focus on foodservice as well as automotive services such as car washes, towing, detailing and automotive care. However, the company believes that what really differentiates it, is the ability to bring customers back time and time again.

The leadership team at Steve and Bobby's Auto World understands that the type of service that creates customer loyalty comes from hiring and developing the right team. To ensure consistent hiring and enhance the company's HR practices, Steve and Bobby's Auto World will implement three of PeopleMatter's HR modules over the coming months:

  • People Matter HIRE™ to identify, hire and onboard candidates quickly with applicant tracking, screening and onboarding tools that manage the entire process.
  • PeopleMatter LEARN™ to develop a trained workforce by helping leaders build content, create and assign courses, and track progress all within one employee training management system.
  • PeopleMatter SCHEDULE™ to create accurate weekly schedules many months in advance; provide automatic updates; and to notify team members instantly via web interface, the PeopleMatter mobile app or phone using Siri-like "D."

"PeopleMatter has definitely made us consistent in our operations and our profitability. We can now share employees and applicants throughout of all our stores," said DeAnn Scheeler, Director of Human Resources for Steve and Bobby's Auto World. "We also have improved communications, so we have more team members involved in the services we provide. The PeopleMatter Platform helps us provide more uniform customer service for our advocates, which is what we call our customers, to ensure they have the same great experience at every location."

PeopleMatter's easy-to-use HR Platform:

  • Manages all of the company's people, processes and paperwork online.
  • Syncs all of the data and employees instantly across systems and keeps on-the-go teams up-to-date.

"Before PeopleMatter, one person might receive an application and it would sit on their desk until they could get to it," said Scheeler. "Other stores nearby wouldn't know that about the other store's candidates. Today, the PeopleMatter system gives our team access to the entire applicant pool as soon as they apply."

Pre-screening assessments, tax credit screenings and employment background checks flow directly into HIRE's online job application. Web-based applications allow job seekers to apply 24/7 and to select multiple locations. Leaders at Steve and Bobby's Auto World can now choose the best candidates and move them quickly through the hiring process. LEARN lets the company create or upload videos, PDFs, SCORM courses and tests to ensure the entire team provides the same high-quality service.

Before selecting PeopleMatter, one of the chain's locations used a different online scheduling software. When looking into PeopleMatter, the leader saw SCHEDULE and told Scheeler, "We have to have that for our team." As online scheduling veterans, employees at this location will go live on SCHEDULE first. After a trial period, employees from this store will help the others transition to online scheduling as well.

"PeopleMatter is so user friendly, especially for the industry we are in," said Scheeler. "With the varied technology experience our team possesses, this was the most intuitive and easy solution for us. They all love using this rather than doing everything manually."

"We designed the PeopleMatter Platform to empower today's service-focused workforce and make their jobs easier," said Nate DaPore, PeopleMatter president and chief executive officer. "Our Platform allows teams – like those at Steve and Bobby's Auto World – to focus on providing outstanding customer service instead of time-consuming HR processes."

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