October 2, 2012

SPARCIQ Unveils Similarity Score and Semantics Capabilities

SPARC, LLC Release

SPARCIQ releases Natural Language APIs to enhance its semantic analysis capabilities.

Charleston, SC – October 02, 2012 – SPARC announced today that its analytics engine, SPARCIQ, now features Natural Language Processing (NLP) APIs. SPARCIQ's implementation of NLP will allow it to provide real-time semantic analysis and profoundly enrich the value of the data flowing through existing products.

The SPARCIQ team has exposed a set of NLP APIs that can be integrated with existing products and offer deeper, more powerful analytics. The inclusion of NLP APIs in SPARCIQ's architecture allows it to mine textual data and perform semantic analysis in real-time.

SPARCIQ can now analyze text data to uncover similarities as well as the degree to which items are dissimilar. Semantic analysis technology rates similarities between datasets based on the content of the data rather than relying only on common tagging. This advancement provides SPARCIQ customers with a deeper understanding of their data and the power to use it more effectively.

This technology is being used in SPARC's own interview management product, SPARCIN. SPARCIN improves the interview process by providing interviewers with a crowd-sourced question pool, interview building tools, and candidate feedback capabilities. SPARCIQ's NLP allows SPARCIN to improve its user experience by providing recommendations for interview enhancements. SPARCIN can now suggest follow-up questions based on the quality of answers a candidate provided for previously asked questions.

"SPARCIQ adds huge value to SPARCIN. We use IQ's NLP and Similarity APIs to provide insight into the thousands of SPARCIN interview questions. In some cases, the similarity score helps us suggest the right questions to add to an interview. In others, we exclude duplicate questions. In all cases, SPARCIQ directly improves the quality of what we deliver to our customers," said Jake Benardot, SPARCIN Product Owner.

Visit http://www.sparciq.com to learn more about SPARCIQ.

**About SPARCIQ **
SPARCIQ is a cloud-based analytics engine that offers deep insight into data, collecting large amounts of information in real-time. The architecture achieves real-time reporting and removes the tedious scheduled batch and Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes. SPARCIQ is capable of collecting and analyzing massive amounts of data in real-time, giving users an unprecedented amount of visibility into what drives their business.

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