September 19, 2012

SPARC520 to Give Away a Free Rapid Portfolio Assessment at the 2012 GreenGov Symposium

SPARC Release

Charleston, S.C. (September 19, 2012) - SPARC announced today it will attend the 2012 GreenGov Symposium to showcase its energy strategy and engagement platform, SPARC520. SPARC520 monitors real-time energy consumption and forecasts savings opportunities. SPARC will give away a free SPARC520 Rapid Portfolio Assessment (RPA) at the conclusion of next week's symposium.

SPARC520, named for the wavelength at which the human eye perceives light as green, is a software platform that empowers decision makers with the tools needed to understand and reduce energy consumption and costs in their buildings. SPARC520's advanced energy analytics, backed by nationally recognized energy analysts and thought leaders in mathematics and technology, offers users the insight needed to explore optimal energy strategies, identify energy performance goals, and define and execute a strategy to reach those goals.

SPARC520's highly scalable process makes it an ideal solution for government agencies with large building portfolios to decrease energy costs. The GreenGov Symposium, sponsored by the Office of the President of the United States, fosters collaboration between government and private sectors to work together towards achieving the goals of Executive Order 13514. The symposium addresses the challenges and successes leaders face when working towards greener business practices, and features speakers with a broad range of expertise.

GreenGov attendees can enter for a chance to win a free SPARC520 Rapid Portfolio Assessment. The SPARC520 Rapid Portfolio Assessment requires only utility bills and addresses for a portfolio of buildings. At a fraction of the time and cost of conventional building audits, energy experts use the RPA to perform a high-level audit of an entire portfolio's performance. This virtual audit identifies opportunities for focused improvements and allows decision makers to gain the strategic foresight needed to make calculated energy decisions.

"Understanding your buildings' energy performance at a high level is a great first step to a successful energy management strategy. With this portfolio view you can confidently create an energy strategy that works best for you and gives you the best and fastest return on your investments." said Jeff Beck, SPARC520 Product Owner.

Visit to sign-up for a SPARC520 Rapid Portfolio Assessement.

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