September 18, 2012

15,000 Pieces of Recognition Sent Through Employee Recognition Application SPARCET

SPARC Release

SPARC announces that over 400 companies have used SPARCET, a free employee recognition application, to send over 15,000 pieces of recognition.

Charleston, SC (PRWEB) September 18, 2012 - SPARC, a Best Place to Work Winner, announces that the popular employee recognition application SPARCET has been used to send over 15,000 pieces of recognition at over 400 companies. SPARCET brings increased communication, engagement, and culture to organizations who use the free platform, and highlights the true influence team members have with one another.

SPARCET is an employee recognition and engagement application that provides unfiltered peer-to-peer recognition across an organization, multiplying all the great things already happening. Users can send silver, gold, and platinum Sparcets to team members, leaders and even customers who have impacted them positively, which can be seen on a real-time company-wide feed.

Since launching earlier in 2012, SPARCET users have sent over 15,000 pieces of recognition to individuals who have gone above and beyond. Sparcets are sent for many reasons, including help on a key project, supporting an important customer, or simply making time to listen.

Some examples from SPARC include this gold Sparcet from Doug Ross to Ryan VanMiddlesworth, "Ryan supported a proposal over a holiday weekend. His technical expertise allowed SPARC to identify and correct any weak areas of the proposal. Great job and thank you Ryan!" They can also be simple, like this platinum Sparcet from Eric Wright to Greg Wile, "Greg always goes above and beyond!" Others choose to recognize teammates for personal help, like this silver Sparcet from Donny Betts to Caitlin Aburrow, "Trader Joe's peanut butter granola bar, enough said!"

67% of employees say that praise from a supervisor motivates them to do greater work*, and more often than not this praise happens privately, if at all. SPARCET allows this recognition to be more visible and longer lasting, which builds energy and reinforces a positive company culture. By providing visible and timely recognition across an organization, SPARCET has a multiplying effect on culture, communication, and engagement.

"SPARCET brought us closer together as an organization through recognition, as we now know what good deeds are occurring within all projects throughout all departments. People publicly recognizing each other has greatly increased the positive energy throughout the company, SPARCET has been an incredible communication and recognition tool at CESCO," said Jamie DeMent, CESCO Marketing Director.

Start using SPARCET for free at, or register for a webinar to check out a demo and learn more.

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