August 20, 2012

Fast Casual Client Experiences Positive Bottom Line Results With PeopleMatter

PeopleMatter Release

August 20, 2012 - PeopleMatter, the only comprehensive talent management software specifically designed for the foodservice industry, helped Scotty's Brewhouse, an Indiana-based restaurant company, streamline and update its paper-based HR processes. PeopleMatter's integrated applicant tracking, screening and onboarding tools allow Scotty's to manage the entire hiring process using one online Platform.

In 2011 Scotty's Brewhouse implemented PeopleMatter HIRE™ at its initial microbrewery concept – Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Company. The chain now has nine locations that heavily rely on a college workforce. To manage filling shifts around ever-changing employee schedules, the company has more than 1,200 employees.

Due to the limited availability of its predominately college workforce, Scotty's often hires based on very specific shift needs. Before PeopleMatter, Scotty's multi-tasking managers struggled to find time to sort through more than 200 applications to identify strong candidates with particular availability, such as Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Scotty's manual application review and screening process took an average of 30 days before a new hire could be onboarded. This became a key factor in seeking an automated solution.

PeopleMatter transformed Scotty's hiring practices. Pre-screening candidates, using HIRE's automated Assessments, Background Checks and Tax Credits components reduced time-to-hire by 78.3 percent. The new process also improved candidate quality and dedication levels.

"It is incredible how PeopleMatter has positively impacted our ability to stay staffed. This is the key to increasing sales and being profitable." said Wendy Hantelman, Scotty's Brewhouse Director of HR. "How do we fix food costs? You get staffed. How do you fix customer service? You get staffed. How do you fix profit levels? You get staffed."

By moving all their process to an online platform, Scotty's Brewhouse increased hiring and I-9 compliance by 100 percent and realized annual savings of $124,800 in onboarding. By switching from a previous tax credit program to PeopleMatter, Scotty's saw a 115 percent increase in correct and accepted tax credit returns, totaling an average return of $2,230 per qualified employee.

"With PeopleMatter we're seeing less new hire turnover because we're able to focus on hiring stronger candidates that fit our culture and brand," said Hantelman. Before using the PeopleMatter Platform, Scotty's was never able to measure or track turnover. Now the restaurant company can report on turnover and focus efforts on retention by position or reason for leaving.

"At the end of the day we are all looking at the black and white numbers," said Scott Wise, CEO and founder of Scotty's Brewhouse's parent company, A Pots and Pans Production. "But we're still in the business of relationships. The great thing about working with PeopleMatter is the PeopleMatter team. I know that what I'm doing is not only affecting my bank statement and giving me positive results –- helping my turnover, reducing expenses, helping the culture of my company –- at the end of the day I know PeopleMatter is right there to help build relationships."

When operating on paper processes, Scotty's had a couple locations that struggled with staffing, affecting the stores' bottom line. After adopting the PeopleMatter Platform those same locations have experienced record revenue months. One restaurant went from not being fully staffed a year ago, to having a complete team of dedicated workers hired through PeopleMatter. This location showed an eight percent increase in sales and a 12 percent increase in profit.

"In an industry that averages year over year sales increases of 2.5 to 3.5 percent, some of our restaurants are achieving a 20 to 30 percent sales increase month over month. That's only going to get bigger and better the more employees they have in the right place," said Hantelman. "From sales to morale, it all ties back to being fully staffed with high quality people. And that's what PeopleMatter has helped us accomplish."

"Scotty's Brewhouse is an innovator in the restaurant industry and was our first client to implement PeopleMatter technology. The company's leadership team has proven itself as thought-leaders and their feedback has influenced the design and strategy as our Platform has evolved," said Nate DaPore, PeopleMatter president and CEO. "To look back and really see the PeopleMatter Platform making a quantifiable difference for them –- from applications to their bottom line –- is a confirmation of the value of our product."

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