August 17, 2012

O-matic Software Celebrates 50th Convio/Raiser's Edge 7 Integration

O-Matic Release

Import-O-Matic??s streamlined data transfer positively impacts Convio clients

Charleston, SC August 17, 2012 – O-matic Software, a Blackbaud partner company that develops integrated software solutions to enhance and streamline Blackbaud products, recently celebrated its 50th successful integration of Convio's Luminate with Blackbaud's Raiser's Edge 7. In all 50 projects, O-matic Software deployed Import-O-Matic™, an advanced and flexible data synchronization solution for the Raiser's Edge, to meet each client's unique requirements. Import-O-Matic automates the data sync process while cleansing and standardizing data and preventing duplicate records.

"We attended a Blackbaud demonstration and were impressed right away with how easy Import-O-Matic was", said Pam Mosher of the Canadian Cancer Society, Nova Scotia division. "It has been a wonderful product since we implemented. We're currently using it to bring data from Convio into The Raiser's Edge and are looking forward to using it for other imports moving forward."

Import-O-Matic is an advanced data synchronization tool that enables nonprofits to import data into The Raiser's Edge from a variety of sources, including banks, lockboxes, mail houses, prospect lists, event registrations, web sites, ticketing or membership systems, payroll, and patient/alumni databases. Its flexible field mapping allows users to process multiple record types simultaneously. For instance, users can import constituent, address, gift, relationship, volunteer, tribute, membership, prospect, action, attribute, and event participant records all at once. Import-O-Matic features many time-saving functions, such as advanced constituent duplicate searching and the ability to transform and standardize data as it is being processed. These data manipulation functions can automatically perform tasks like assigning default values, cleansing addresses, or determining the correct campaign, fund, and appeal values for a donation.

Convio, a Blackbaud Company, is a leading provider of cloud-based constituent engagement solutions that enable nonprofit organizations to more effectively raise funds, advocate for change, and cultivate relationships. Nonprofits use Convio to track online interactions, such as address updates, event registrations, and donations, but often utilize The Raiser's Edge as their master "database of record" because of its advanced functionality. Using both products simultaneously gives organizations the best of both worlds, but only if they can efficiently sync the data in the Raiser's Edge. Integrating the systems with Import-O-Matic allows them to achieve exactly that.

One of the first clients to use Import-O-Matic with Convio data was the American Jewish World Service. Maryanne Nigro, Database Administrator for American Jewish World Service, said "I don't know how we would have processed all of the data after the Haiti earthquake. Import-O-Matic allowed us to seamlessly integrate Convio data into The Raiser's Edge, and we've used it for many other sources of data since."

"Our Convio and The Raiser's Edge databases exist independently without a connection between the two," said Christie Doyle Pennell, Database Manager with New Hampshire Public Radio. Christie uses Import-O-Matic primarily for bringing gift data from Convio into The Raiser's Edge. "We can't imagine importing our Convio data without Import-O-Matic because of the account matching process. Everything is going well with the profiles we have built, for Convio and other imports, and we are glad to be using Import-O-Matic daily."

O-matic Software is a Blackbaud Application Partner that provides solutions to enhance Blackbaud's The Raiser's Edge(r) and The Financial Edge™. The company was founded in 2002 and has been a Blackbaud partner since 2004. O-matic Software boasts over 150 years combined experience working with Blackbaud products and nonprofits. O-matic Software's solutions include Import-O-Matic, Segment-O-Matic, Event-O-Matic, Record Radar, Find-O-Matic, Bill-O-Matic for Schools, EFT-O-Matic, PosPay, Table-O-Matic, and Magic Folder. O-matic Software's mission to improve organizational efficiency and eliminate manual processes has positively impacted more than 850 nonprofit organizations. For more information, please visit