July 25, 2012

SPARC Announces Release of Analytics Engine, SPARCIQ

SPARC Release

Charleston, SC (PRWEB) July 25, 2012 SPARC has announced the release of SPARCIQ, its cloud-based data analytics engine. SPARCIQ is capable of collecting and analyzing massive amounts of data in real-time, giving users an unprecedented amount of visibility into what drives their business. SPARCIQ can be customized to integrate with any platform, and in most cases without any IT help. This announcement comes with the completion of a major feature set that bolsters SPARCIQ's analytics capabilities.

SPARCIQ is a cloud-based analytics engine that offers deep insight into data, collecting large amounts of information in real-time. The architecture achieves real-time reporting and removes the tedious scheduled batch and Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes. SPARCIQ accomplishes this through the real-time, incremental ingress of event data into the Turbine Analytics Engine, the backbone technology behind the SPARCIQ product offering.

The Turbine Analytics Engine is a real-time, horizontally distributed, in-memory analytics system capable of handling dynamic queries across large volumes of semi-structured data. The system has been built from the ground up to provide minimal latency between the creation of a data point and its inclusion in generated reports. This approach enables up-to-the-second report accuracy, with interactive reporting times. While the system was built to support the incremental ingress of time series data, it can also support other forms of data while maintaining the same low-latency, high throughput analytical capabilities. These capabilities can be applied to a breadth of analytics needs including application, financial, social, trending data, marketing, performance, and overall system reporting.

"Unlike most analytics offerings, SPARCIQ is truly real-time and plays in the big data space. It provides deep insight into a spectrum of market challenges, from user engagement and influence, to energy management, to semantic interpretation for your social networks. Add to that, meaningful interactive visualizations and data discovery tools, as well as Ph.D.s and Data Scientists, and you have a winning combination," said Bob Williams, SPARCIQ Product Owner and SPARC CTO.

SPARC developed this analytics engine in response to its need to capture and analyze real-time data from its other applications. One application SPARCIQ supports is SPARC520, an energy analysis and strategy application. SPARCIQ enables SPARC520 to capture roughly 140 million energy data points per month for just one building, allowing the application to provide unparalleled insight into real-time energy usage in the building.

"SPARCIQ gives us the advantage we need to really be cutting edge in the energy monitoring space. With SPARCIQ we get the full picture of the energy usage inside a building, allowing us to turn that knowledge into a model for the most accurate and impactful strategies for energy savings," said Jeff Beck, SPARC520 Product Owner.

Visit http://www.sparciq.com to learn more about SPARCIQ.

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