June 18, 2012

Broad Street Interactive Expands To Charleston, SC

Broad Street Interactive Release

CHARLESTON, SC–- (5/23/2012) Digital media agency, Broad Street Interactive, is pleased to announce the re-opening of an office in Charleston. The digital ad agency had a previous presence in Charleston through 2009 when it relocated staff to Austin and focused on the Texas market. Since that time, Broad Street Interactive has experienced growth and is the newest member of the Charleston Digital Corridor.

"My heart has always been in Charleston, and I'm excited for an opportunity to return to the city I love," said Charlie Ray, CEO of Broad Street Interactive. The agency will take advantage of membership benefits offered by the Charleston Digital Corridor to establish temporary to permanent office space.

Broad Street Interactive has been serving its clients' needs in the digital strategy and media space since 2007 and has identified the opportunity to grow agency business in Charleston. "As Charleston sees a resurgence in tourism and rebound from the economy, business owners are eager to reach customers online. As a strategic digital agency, we are excited to be back in the Charleston market and aboutthe partnerships we are lining up," Ray said.

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**About Broad Street Interactive
**Broad Street Interactive, Inc., founded in 2007, is a full-service digital advertising and media buying agency headquartered in Austin, Texas with offices in Charleston, South Carolina. The agency specializes in digital strategy and media planning for agencies and direct clients. Broad Street Interactive focuses on awareness, branding and call-to-action online ad campaigns. Visit us online at www.broadstreetinteractive.com.