June 6, 2012

eGroup Delivers Cloud Computing

eGroup Release

eGroup announces eCloud v2.0

June 6, 2012 - eGroup announces eCloud v2.0, its newest public cloud computing platform.

eClud v2.0 delivers efficient, flexible and cost-effective ways for IT departments to meet escalating business needs. In the eCloud, customers can access their applications and data anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Steve Rattacasa, cloud services manager at eGroup says, "Customers from any business and of any size can take advantage of our public cloud offering by running their workloads in our cloud, minimizing their capital and operational costs, and being more agile in meeting the needs of their business." For businesses that are understaffed, eGroup eases thoe burden of daily IT management by offering hosting agreements with IT support.

Dan McAnnar, president and COO of Hire Quest, a franchisor of temporary staffing offices with locations in 18 states, needed more control over their web servers and SQL databases. Hire Quest had outgrown its previous hosting vendor's ability to support their requirements. "We did not have complete access to our hosting environment," said McAnnar. "We had to VPN and remote desktop multiple times to get to specific data." Utilizing the eCloud, Hire Quest has experienced the required level of control and the VPN and remote access is now clean and simple.

Cloud computing is a high demand market where flexibility, service, security, performance and availability are key. eCloud performs in every category:

  • Flexibility - By not using a one-size fits all approach, eGroup learns the customer's technology needs and how the business is affected before suggesting a solution.

  • Service - Local service is important. McAnnar appreciated eGroup's availability and eagerness to offer solutions. Overseas call centers cannot provide the same service. With eGroup, Hirequest can shake the hand of the people supporting their business.

  • Security - Security is always a priority and eCloud protects its customer's environments from the internet and from each other through industry leading hardware firewalls, with optional "hypervisor-level" antimalware/antivirus/security software.

  • Performance - eCloud 2.0 is built on proven high performance hardware that delivers reliable solutions to its customers.

  • Availability - All hardware offers five 9s of availability and each system is built with redundancy and availability in mind.

**About eGroup
**Since 1999, eGroup has provided innovative technology solutions to businesses across the Southeast. In addition to cloud services, eGroup focuses on application services and end-user computing. Contact eGroup at info@eGroup-us.com or visit www.myecloud.com or www.egroup-us.com for more information.

Liz Wilmes