April 12, 2012

Charleston Digital Corridor Launches CODEcamp

Charleston Digital Corridor Release

Education Initiative Focused on Developing Charleston?s ?Digital Brick Masons?

Charleston, South Carolina – April 12, 2012 - The Charleston Digital Corridor is pleased to announce the launch of CODEcamp, a year-round, independent education program conceived in collaboration with software companies in the Digital Corridor to teach a limited number of open source computer code classes in mobile, social media and web-based technologies that are in high demand. Classes start in May 2012 and will be held in the new computer lab at Flagship2 - Charleston's premier co-working/business incubator facility.

CODEcamp is the result of the Digital Corridor's expanded workforce development strategy. This initiative moves the Digital Corridor beyond connecting talent with career opportunities in Charleston's booming knowledge economy by expanding the local talent pool through education.

"Most people only hear reports of high unemployment; they don't hear about the shortage of local qualified resources to fill the jobs being created by Charleston's knowledge economy. CODEcamp is the next logical step for local, enthusiastic individuals at any point in their career looking to expand their skills to prepare themselves for these opportunities," said Kirk King, President of CSS and Digital Corridor Foundation Chairman. "CODEcamp is a win-win-win investment for individuals, companies and Charleston," he added.

Taking a page from the past where apprenticeships were common practice in many industries, the Digital Corridor expects to develop "digital brick masons" for the 21st century and enable them to construct mobile and web-based applications. "In practice, I have found it fruitful to look back at successful employment strategies and tweak them to meet today's marketplace," said Charleston Digital Corridor Director, Ernest Andrade.

In the Digital Corridor's 2011 Annual Wage and Job Growth survey, 88% of the companies hired additional employees and expected to continue this growth pattern in 2012. There is a strong demand from Digital Corridor companies for qualified technical talent. "By investing in CODEcamp, the Digital Corridor is proactively ensuring its member companies can continue to grow by hiring local, skilled talent," said Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr.

CODEcamp is funded by Charleston Digital Corridor companies and the initial course instructors hail from member companies Jack Russell Software, King & Partners and sineLABS. More: www.CharlestonCodes.com


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