May 18, 2011

Knowledge Capital Group Announces New Investment Subsidiary

Company Release

Charleston, SC, May 18, 2011 – Knowledge Capital Group (KCG), a business performance optimization consulting firm, is pleased to announce the creation of an investment-focused affiliated company – KCG Investment Partners, LLC (KCGIP).

When asked what motivated him to create KCG Investment Partners, Tony Powell, Managing Director stated, "My partner, Jack [Hoey] and I were being approached by our colleagues and friends asking if any of our clients were in need of capital to help them grow. As we discussed their interests and goals, we learned that many of these investors wanted to put their talents to work as well as their money, helping a locally based company grow. We felt we could help connect these investors to good opportunities."

When asked what a 'good opportunity' looks like, Hoey commented, "We have defined the 'good opportunity' to be a SC-based company which is profitable, has revenue in excess of $3M and whose owner(s) are seeking either an exit strategy or additional capital to fund growth strategies." Powell added, "At KCGIP, we understand these challenges; we've seen them first-hand as executives, strategic advisors, and board members. We leverage these experiences, as well as the experiences of our investors, to create a highly collaborative, hands-on process that, depending upon the situation, either develops a thoughtful and successful exit strategy for the business owner(s), or establishes a productive environment where the management team can leverage the capital to make needed investments."

Hoey continued, "The establishment of KCGIP was a natural progression of the business consulting services we already provide. And while the definition of a 'good opportunity' may seem overly broad, it was really driven by our desire to help those owners and companies that were unfortunately caught between the tight financial/lending environment and/or being too small for more traditional VC/Private Equity money."

Both Powell and Hoey concluded, "We are excited about the value this offering can provide to business owners and are very much looking forward to hearing from companies around SC who believe we might be of assistance."

KCG Investment Partners will operate out of Knowledge Capital Group's King Street office in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. More information about Knowledge Capital Group (KCG) and KCG Investment Partners (KCGIP) can be found at or

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