February 10, 2010

SC Launch company FirstString Research Achieves Successful Clinical trial

SCRA Release

FirstString Research, Inc., a biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of topical therapeutics for scar prevention and tissue regeneration, announces completion of its Phase I clinical trial.

This clinical trial to evaluate FirstString's first commercial product, a topical gel for the prevention of scarring, was designed to look at the safety and tolerance of the product's lead compound, the ACT-1 peptide. Based on 48 human subjects, the gel had a successful, proof of concept efficacy outcome with a clean safety profile. "When topically applied, the gel actually reduced scarring outcome in as early as 29 days," said Gautam Ghatnekar, Ph.D., FirstString President and CEO.

"This gel is designed to be used for scar reduction and scar inflammation reduction," said Ghatnekar. "Our ultimate goal is to make this product available for physicians to use right after surgery." Phase II clinical trials are expected to begin later in 2010.

To hear Dr. Ghatnekar talk about FirstString Research on the South Carolina Business Review radio program, click here.

"We are pleased that FirstString has achieved an important milestone to once again improve its offering and advance health care quality," said Dave McNamara, SC Launch Executive Director and SCRA Sr. Vice President. "They are among a group of about 30 bio and life sciences-based SC Launch companies that are making important strides in knowledge-based economic development in South Carolina."

FirstString Research was one of the first SC Launch companies to secure SC Launch funding. FirstString received an early-stage investment from SCRA affiliate SC Launch and subsequently obtained follow-on private capital funding.

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About FirstString Research, Inc.
FirstString is a biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of therapeutics for scar prevention and tissue regeneration. There is a significant unmet medical need for the prevention of scarring resulting from surgeries and injuries. FirstString is endeavoring to meet that need by developing a class of compounds, which form the platform of this exciting technology.

FirstString's proprietary therapies modulate intercellular communication to significantly reduce the development of scar tissue and, at the same time, improve the body's ability to produce healthy, functional cells. The lead compound's target is well expressed and has shown efficacy in many tissue types including the skin, spinal cord and internal organs.

FirstString's first commercial product will be a topical gel for the prevention of scarring. Based on the consistent and positive early results, FirstString has already received regulatory approval in Europe to enter clinical phase testing. For further information, please visit firststringresearch.com.