August 11, 2010

Publication lists South Carolina as No. 1 for growth potential

Staff Report  /  Charleston Regional Business Journal

Business Facilities magazine has given South Carolina a series of high rankings for its business environment, including being named No. 1 for economic growth potential.

The state also was ranked No. 3 nationally for auto manufacturing and No. 4 for best business climate.

In its coverage, the publication cites the coming of Boeing's second 787 assembly line in North Charleston as the primary reason South Carolina was top in growth potential.

"We believe the selection of North Charleston as the manufacturing site for Boeing's best-selling commercial jet cements South Carolina's status as a top-tier aerospace player, providing the basis for tremendous growth potential in coming years," the magazine wrote.

Three other Southern states ranked right behind South Carolina on growth potential: Tennessee, Virginia and North Carolina.

The publication also ranked South Carolina No. 9 among alternative energy industry leaders and No. 2 for wind energy-related manufacturing leadership.

Gov. Mark Sanford touted the rankings, saying that they are evidence of success for the S.C. Commerce Department and pro-business state policies.

"Given the challenging economic headwinds felt by many across this state and beyond, these national rankings alongside recent jobs and investment numbers from the S.C. Department of Commerce are an encouraging sign," Sanford said in a statement.

"Back in October of 2009, when Boeing had just announced it would put a second assembly line in North Charleston, I cautioned that this was no time for South Carolina to rest on its laurels," Sanford said. "Instead, we needed to redouble our efforts. That's exactly what we've been doing, and I'm pleased to say we're continuing to meet with success."