April 21, 2010

Three-Dimensional Abstract Artist Christopher Murphy at the New Flagship Gallery

Art Pimp Consultants

Join featured artist Christopher Murphy of SCOOP studios, the Art Pimp Consultants, and the Charleston Digital Corridor on Thursday, April 29 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. for the launch of the new Flagship Gallery at the Charleston Digital Corridor, 475-A East Bay Street.

The Charleston Digital Corridor is a revolutionary organization whose mission is to "attract, nurture and promote Charleston's knowledge economy by facilitating a business, physical, and social environment where technology companies can thrive." Their location on East Bay Street called "The Flagship" holds lectures for professionals, provides meeting spaces for private and open forums, and accentuates numerous resources for entrepreneurs, technology-driven business owners, and small business owners alike.

Executive Director, Ernest Andrade, realizes the importance of art in an office environment and wanted to fill their walls with inspirational things for their entrepreneur clients to enjoy as they attend lectures or host their own clients in the Digital Corridor's convenient meeting spaces. Andrade and the Art Pimp Consultants partnered to create the Flagship Gallery⎯a gallery promoting local artists in a non-traditional, modern space. "The artists are given an opportunity to showcase their work to high-end entrepreneurs in an upscale corporate environment, and business owners are graced with art on their walls. Many of these entrepreneurs are too busy to attend art events so this is also a great opportunity for them to purchase works, and for the artists to sell their works to a new target demographic. It's a win-win situation for everyone," says Olivia Pool of Art Pimp.

Abstract contemporary artist Christopher Murphy from SCOOP studios is one of the first artists to be shown at the new Flagship Gallery. "Murphy's work is perfect for the modern look of the gallery," says Pool. His abstract paintings are also three-dimensional works of art as he imbeds various found objects into the actual paintings. Murphy has created his own style called abstract portraiture⎯three-dimensional custom "portraits" using an individual's own souvenirs and memorabilia. The artist is excited about having his work at the Flagship Gallery. "The Digital Corridor has offered me a unique opportunity. It's a modern, open venue with plenty of wall space and an atmosphere that is well suited to my contemporary style. It is in many ways like a gallery but it's distinctive because it offers people who would not normally visit a gallery a chance to view art." All works on display are for sale and he will be creating some new smaller pieces for this particular show.

This event on Thursday, April 29 will be a closing reception for Murphy's art at the Flagship Gallery at the Charleston Digital Corridor, located at the intersection of East Bay and Calhoun Streets. Delicious hors d'oeuvres and beverages will be served and this event is free and open to the public. Murphy's works can be seen and purchased on a regular basis at SCOOP studios, 57 ½ Broad Street, 843.577.3292, www.scoopcontemporary.com. More information about the Charleston Digital Corridor and the Flagship Gallery can be found by visiting http://www.charlestonbd.com or calling 843.724.3773. Info about Art Pimp Consultants can be found by calling 843.568.7738 or visiting www.theartpimp.com.

Contact: Colleen Deihl
Co-Owner of SCOOP studios
57 1/2 Broad St. Charleston, SC
cell: 843.224.6184