January 27, 2010

Charleston?s Workforce Development Initiative Debuts

Charleston Business Development Release

Charleston Works? developed to assist employers with their recruitment efforts

Charleston, SC – January 27, 2010 – Charleston's knowledge economy is growing at a robust pace such that the demand for highly skilled professional and technical workers is outpacing existing recruiting efforts by individual companies to supply them.

With this in mind, a group of technology companies, including eThority, PeopleMatter, Telogical Systems, Life Cycle Engineering , Monolith Software and Blackbaud, collaborated with Charleston's Business Development Office to conceive and launch Charleston Works™, a comprehensive workforce development initiative designed to promote Charleston as an emerging premium destination for technology professionals.

"This is an exciting time in Charleston for the technology sector. Given the growth of eThority, we are very enthusiastic about joining forces with other thriving companies to attract and retain professional and technical talent in our community. Charleston Works™ is a win-win for everyone." Erin Scheffer, HR Director, eThority.

The initial components of Charleston Works™ include the website (charlestonworks.com) to promote Charleston's knowledge economy; promotion of career opportunities in Charleston at university job fairs and an employer-only resource portal.

"CharlestonWorks.com offers something that has been missing; a clean and simple solution for discovering knowledge-based companies, and their career opportunities, in the Charleston area," said Joe Keith, Talent Acquisition Manager at Blackbaud. "Creating awareness of what Charleston offers is critical to attracting talent and this site will help," he added.



Charleston Business Development_facilitates the continuous and sustainable growth in wealth and living standards for individuals and communities in the City of Charleston. This is accomplished through a combination of initiatives, community-driven programming and cooperative planning & execution._

Charleston Works™ _assists Charleston knowledge-based employers with their recruitment efforts while promoting Charleston as the emerging premium destination for technical professionals seeking to engage with the region. _


Contact: Ernest Andrade, 843.724.3773


PS: watch Channel 4 coverage of Charleston Works HERE