June 9, 2009

Charleston Digital Corridor Announces Staff Ramp Up and Relocation to the Flagship

Charleston Digital Corridor

Charleston, SC – June 9, 2009 – Following through on Mayor Joseph P. Riley's State of the City's speech wherein he pledged to step up his commitment to the Charleston business community, the city of Charleston is pleased to announce the Flagship – Charleston's premier co-working business environment. This facility, located at the intersection of East Bay and Calhoun Streets, has quickly become home to four companies at the forefront of Charleston's entrepreneurial economy and welcomes others in need of a temporary, highly-connected business environment.

After touring the former Hollywood Video store, building owner John Rivers remarked, "The space is certainly different than anything we have in Charleston and should achieve its goal of attracting significant technology companies to the City."

The Flagship will house the city's Office of Business Development which has embarked on executing a business development strategy beyond the successful Digital Corridor and Charleston Life Sciences initiatives.

"With a ramped up staff, the Office of Business Development, led by Ernest Andrade, enables us to expand upon the Digital Corridor's proven business development model by applying it to other sectors of our economy," said Charleston Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr.

The Digital Corridor, a key component of the Office of Business Development, is pleased to welcome the return of Kimberly Taylor as Program Manager while announcing the addition of Kendra Keller as the Business Development Project Coordinator. "Kimberly's tenure with the Digital Corridor combined with Kendra's experience at the Federal Reserve will serve the citizens of Charleston well," said Ernest Andrade.

About Charleston Business Development
The Office of Business Development facilitates the continuous and sustainable growth in wealth and living standards for individuals and communities in the City of Charleston. This is accomplished through a combination of initiatives, community-driven programming and cooperative planning & execution.

Media Contact:
Ernest G. Andrade