February 24, 2009

Lead Dog, LLC Announces Opening of Lowcountry Innovation Center at Navy Yard

Incubator space designed to foster growth and development of knowledge-based companies throughout the Lowcountry, in a new concept for a creative work environment

North Charleston, SC – Lead Dog, LLC, a Lowcountry-based commercial real estate firm, has announced the opening of its Lowcountry Innovation Center at the Navy Yard in North Charleston. The 40,000-square foot renovation of a former US Navy building is designed as an incubator space for creative industry firms and knowledge-based companies.

Located at the geographic center of the Lowcountry, work spaces are being tailored to accommodate an open, community-based work environment for professionals including engineers, architects, life scientists, information technology specialists and digital media experts. Available spaces include offices of 800, 1060, 1600, 1860, 2200, 3200, 4800 and 8800 square feet. The Center's office spaces are designed for flexibility, meeting the special needs of tenants by creating a work environment that places creative professionals from different fields in a community that fosters interaction and collaboration.

"At the heart of the Lowcountry Innovation Center concept is a core belief that professionals will perform at a higher level if they're provided a challenging, quality work environment," injects Alan St. Clair, principal in Lead Dog, LLC. "The creative class of professionals – the 'Knowledge-Based Worker' – will continue to be at the forefront of job creation, as we recover from the current recession. This next generation of professionals needs a quality work environment that is both productive and enjoyable."

"Plus, the Navy Yard represents where the Lowcountry is going to do business," concludes St. Clair. "Centrally located, it is an efficient place for traveling to all local communities, including Mount Pleasant, downtown Charleston, Summerville, in addition to North Charleston."

St. Clair, who has developed similar buildings on a smaller scale in downtown Charleston, says that the Lowcountry Innovation Center offers free parking, office spaces that allow on-site presentations, and a quality space at a lower cost, thus meeting the demands of company expansion and contraction as needed. The Center will also emphasize green, sustainable practices in water conservation and energy efficiency, as part of the overall plan to create a sustainable community in North Charleston.

With the Clemson University Restoration Institute developing 86 acres as a new research campus, and a cluster of companies that stress sustainability practices, the Navy Yard could evolve into a "research city" for knowledge-based companies within the next decade.

Other Lead Dog, LLC projects include properties in peninsular Charleston, including 525 King Street, for upscale retailer Maine Cottage and Bill Huey & Associates, Inc., a local architectural firm; 392 – 394 Meeting Street, for the Charleston Digital Corridor, Charleston School of Law, KHAFRA Engineering Consultants, an Atlanta-based, multi-disciplinary firm.

Lead Dog, LLC Principal Alan R. St.Clair has more than 25 years experience working in human resources consulting, prior to working in commercial real estate. He is a past board member of the Charleston Digital Corridor. The Navy Yard is a 340-acre, mixed use sustainable urban redevelopment located in North Charleston. For more information on the Lowcountry Innovation Center, contact Alan R. St.Clair at the above phone number and email, or access www.lowcountryinnovationcenter.com, and www.leaddog.info on the web.

Alan R. St.Clair