January 6, 2009

BeliefNetworks, Inc. Launches AffinityAgent Advertising Recommendation Platform

BeliefNetworks, Inc.

The Company Also Announces a Partnership With Thomas Publishing Company, the First Customer to Utilize BeliefNetworks' New Technology in Its Managing Automation Publication

CHARLESTON, SC – Jan 6, 2009 – BeliefNetworks, Inc., which provides semantic intelligence and predictive analytics to Web publishers and advertising companies, today announced the launch of its AffinityAgent Recommendation Platform, a product that enhances advertising and content placement.

The new platform provides a patent-pending concept mapping and learning technology that helps users find semantically related information, such as news, videos, music and images – all while enabling Web site publishers and bloggers to conveniently access and link to related content of their published subjects and areas of interest.

In conjunction with today's product launch, BeliefNetworks also announced a strategic partnership with Managing Automation, an online publisher which provides decision-support informational tools that help progressive manufacturers deal with the key issues of manufacturing technology. In its partnership with BeliefNetworks, Managing Automation will use the AffinityAgent Recommendation Platform to provide advertisers more relevant ad placement options on its extensive website.

"With BeliefNetworks' new ad recommendation platform, we expect to improve not only the relevancy and location of ad placement on our site, but also our Web site users' interest in interacting with our advertisers," said Heather Holst-Knudsen, publisher of Managing Automation.

"Our goal is to provide our partners with cutting-edge technology, like AffinityAgent, that will over time provide a highly personalized and enhanced user experience," said Lisa Maki, president and co-founder of BeliefNetworks, Inc. "AffinityAgent will work in tandem with what Managing Automation already has in place, all to better serve its advertisers and users.

" Utilizing this technology, BeliefNetworks is able to help a variety of customers in the advertising and publishing world develop relevant ad concepts and content placements, thereby driving higher click through rates and user satisfaction.

About BeliefNetworks, Inc.

Using BeliefNetworks' revolutionary, patent-pending predictive analytics and semantic intelligence capability and its ability to listen to activity on social networks, blogs, and news, small to medium-size businesses have access to enterprise-level insights without the infrastructure and expense. They can also choose to provide highly personalized information and services while preserving individual privacy and their own source-specific security and business rules.

BeliefNetworks, founded in 2007 and based in Charleston, SC, is led by an experienced team of professionals with a deep knowledge of the technology industry and early stage companies. For more information please visit www.beliefnetworks.net.

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