October 14, 2008

Average Wages and Job Growth for Charleston Digital Corridor Companies Strong in 2008

Charleston Digital Corridor

CHARLESTON, SC – October 14, 2008 – In its sixth annual Wage and Job Growth survey, the Charleston Digital Corridor is pleased to report that the average wage for reporting Digital Corridor companies in 2008 is $76,144. This figure is more than double the average annual wage for the State of South Carolina and the Charleston-North Charleston statistical metropolitan/non-metropolitan area.

Companies participating in the survey also reported employment growth of 213 employees over the past twelve months. The latest data available from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (May 2007) reports the average wage in the Charleston-North Charleston statistical metropolitan/non-metropolitan area is $35,540 while South Carolina's average wage for all occupations is $34,650.

"It is wonderful to be reporting these numbers today," said Charleston Digital Corridor Director, Ernest Andrade. "As of this morning, our companies have approximately 273 career opportunities posted on the Digital Corridor's Talent Portal. With increased capital inflows into Digital Corridor companies, I predict that Charleston's knowledge economy will hold its own in 2009," he added.

"The results of the Digital Corridor's 2008 Wage and Job Growth survey demonstrate that our knowledge economy is strong," Mayor Joseph P. Riley stated. "The recently announced partnership between the Medical University, South Carolina Research Authority and the City of Charleston to develop an Innovation Center in downtown Charleston demonstrates the City's commitment to leveraging our assets to strengthen and grow Charleston's innovation economy," he added.

**About the Charleston Digital Corridor
**The Digital Corridor is a creative initiative to attract, nurture and promote Charleston's knowledge economy through a combination of technology enabled initiatives and business incentives, private business support and member-driven programming.

Ernest Andrade