October 6, 2004

New Local Software Company Launches Product in Global Food Service Distribution / Warehouse Industry

Company Release

Charleston, S.C. - - Oct. 6, 2004 - - New software that improves efficiency and profits in the foodservice distribution industry launched into a global market this week with the emergence of a new Charleston, S.C.-based company.

Integrated Supply Chain Solutions (ISCSolutions), headquartered on Daniel Island, makes its debut in the worldwide food distribution/warehouse industry with several industry-leading clients and a software product designed to standardize the foodservice distribution marketplace. The product's robust, scalable design may be installed "off the shelf" onto a number of platforms.

Just two weeks ago, ISCSolutions successfully implemented its product for industry leader Theodor Wille Intertrade (TWI) in its distribution center in Germany. TWI manages worldwide food distribution services for U.S. military bases and operations.

"ISCSolutions is unlike most technology start-ups because we are born from a core group of professionals who have been developing solutions for the supply chain distribution and warehouse industries for 25 years," said ISCSolutions Chief Executive Officer Cecil Duffie. "We have focused every ounce of that experience into one single industry - foodservice distribution. By narrowing our focus, we provide a superior product and a new standard for the entire industry."

ISCSolutions Chief Financial Officer Bob Moore said the company's software is Microsoft certified and has built-in scalability to add value. "The product is the most scalable in the market," said Moore. "It can be used by a small distributor with $5 million in annual traffic, or a global leader with more than $5 billion of work."

Mark A. Roth, ISCSolutions Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing, said the recent successful product launch for TWI has peaked interest throughout the marketplace. "This industry relies on productivity and reducing operating costs in the distribution chain," said Roth.

Roth says the ISCSolutions software measures productivity and can be used as a management tool. The software provides accurate inventory analysis, which reduces replenishment time and excess stock in the warehouse. The product also tracks expiration dates on food products and can track potential contaminated/recalled products in case of emergencies.

The U.S. government is expected to mandate new coding regulations on food products as part of new initiatives from the Department of Homeland Security. ISCSolutions' product line includes that capability.

About ISCS

ISCS is a new subsidiary of the parent company Integrated Supply Chain Group. Integrated Supply Chain Group purchased the former Cambar Software company in 2002. The company is based on Daniel Island, S.C. and employs 40 highly skilled technology professionals.