August 17, 2004

Digital Lifestyle Outfitters debuts iBoom, the first boombox solution for iPod and iPod mini

Company Release

Charleston, SC – Digital Lifestyle Outfitters, a leading designer and manufacturer of iPod and MP3 player accessories, announced today that they are producing iBoom, the first and only boombox solution designed specifically for the iPod and iPod mini.

iBoom is a 20 watts per channel, four-speaker boombox system with build-in digital FM radio. Users simply drop iPod or iPod mini into the iBoom dock, hit play and enjoy the most powerful, portable speaker solution designed specifically for iPod or iPod mini. iBoom also features a digital FM radio, built-in handle for ease of portability, auxiliary input jack and can be powered via its included AC adapter or 6 D betteries (not included). While under AC power, iBoom extends the battery life of iPod as it powers and charges iPod.

"Back in the day the boombox and cassette or CD were the ultimate way to enjoy your music – regardless of location", said Jeff Grady, President of DLO. "Now iPod owners can enjoy the same experience with iPod and iBoom. We drew inspiration from the days of break-dancing, early Hip-Hop and rap when we developed this product. We wanted a mobile speaker system for iPod and iPod mini that packed more punch and featured greater handheld portability than the small travel speakers on the market. We therefore developed a portable speaker product for iPod that has enough sound output to withstand the great outdoors or a room packed full of people. We also went one step further by including an FM radio to accompany iPod. The FM radio is one feature unique to iBoom and one that iPod owners have been asking for since the iPod was introduced."

DLO's iBoom will be available in late September 2004 at: and select retail outlets.

About Digital Lifestyle Outfitters

DLO designs, markets, sells and distributes a wide range of products and accessories for portable digital devices. DLO products can be found and purchased at over 1,000 major retail locations worldwide.