Fridays @ the Corridor - React vs. Svelte

Jun 21, 2019, 8:30am - 9:30am
@ Flagship-Bridge - 385 Meeting Street

React is an Opensource JavaScript Framework from Facebook that focuses on declarative component architecture. By using components, you can compose your app together in a declarative way. React leans on the language to create a small footprint for developers and provides developers the choice to add extensions to their application functionality.

Svelte is known as the disappearing framework, because you build your app using the html like component-based framework, then it compiles down into vanilla javascript for optimum bundle sizes and strong performance characteristics. V.3 was released earlier this year.

At the June Fridays session, Tabula Rasa Healthcare's Chief Technology Innovation Office Innovation, Tom Wilson, and Senior software Developer, Stuart Grant will demo a working application in each of the two popular frameworks in the JavaScript ecosystem - Angular and React. Finally, they will showcase the pros and cons of each framework and provide some ideas on how to choose the right framework for your team. Learn more and register HERE.