infrastructure overview

The availability of abundant, stable and competitive utility infrastructure is the vital underpinning of Charleston's business community. Businesses operating in the Charleston Digital Corridor benefit from reliable and competitive communications, electric, water and wastewater infrastructure provided by a host of recognized local, national and international service providers. The Digital Corridor coordinates with all infrastructure providers to make sure company needs and expectations are met.

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Telecommunication companies providing service in the Corridor include the following:


With an integrated highway system, a growing international airport and the second busiest container port along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, businesses located in the Charleston region have efficient access to the marketplace - by air, land and sea.


The Charleston Commissioners of Public Works (CPW) is a regional provider of potable water service. In addition to providing water, CPW provides retail wastewater service to customers in the City of Charleston. Through careful planning, CPW has developed four very reliable raw water sources, an exceptional water treatment facility and a strong transmission system capable of providing large volumes of high-quality water for potable consumption, fire protection and economic development opportunities. CPW takes pride in having the opportunity to serve the many businesses that call the Charleston Digital Corridor home.

  • Water treatment plant capacity: 118 MGD (million gallons/day)
    Average consumption: 55 MGD
  • Plum Island Wastewater plant capacity: 36 MGD
    Average flow: 22 MGD
  • Daniel Island Wastewater plant capacity: 1.0 MGD
    Average flow: 0.65MGD


SCANA Corporation, a Fortune 500 company with more than 1.5 million energy customers in three states, provides natural gas and generates and distributes electricity for the Charleston region. Solid energy infrastructure, coupled with an unparalleled commitment to reliability and customer satisfaction, gives SCANA customers efficient and affordable service they can count on. Our network of generation facilities ensures maximum reliability for power-dependent companies in the digital, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries.


The Charleston area is served by the following reputable overnight delivery providers:
 FedEx , UPS and DHL (international service only).




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