corridor events

10/24/14Fridays @ the Corridor- Best Practices for Cyber Security- Is your business protected from attacks?
10/16/14Digital Corridor BASH
10/07/14CHS Tech Group Meetup
10/02/14Cyber Security & Business Conference
9/30/14Happy Hour @ The Harbor
9/29/142014 STEM Education Summit
9/25/14GitHub Seminar
9/19/14Fridays @ the Corridor - Do I Really Need a Millennial to Do My Social Media?
9/17/14Charleston Women In Tech
9/16/14Entrepreneur Studio @ The Harbor
9/12/14Startup Weekend - Charleston
9/10/14Government Contracting Workshop - Score Coastal
9/04/14"Are you Ready to Start a Business?" Workshop
8/23/14Hackathon 4 - The Pirates of Silicon Harbor
8/15/14CODEtalk- Crafting Quality Code
8/06/14Charleston Technology Group
7/26/14Entrepreneur Boot Camp
7/24/14The Rise of Silicon Harbor
7/23/14CODEcamp Mentor Office Hours
7/18/14Fridays @ the Corridor- How to: Successfully Launch, Grow, and Sell Your Startup…and then do it again.
7/08/14CODEcamp Mentor Office Hours
6/25/14MVA Talks- Beer Food and Knowledge
6/23/14The Crafting Code Tour
6/20/14Fridays @ the Corridor- CODEtalk AngularJS vs. Ember.js vs. Backbone.js
6/12/14Post-WordCamp Meetup - June 2014
6/11/14GIANT Conference
6/05/14Food Truck Thursday
6/05/14Entrepreneur Boot Camp
5/30/14Agile Lunch and Learn Series - Session I
5/28/14 Women in Tech - Working in the Industry
5/22/14Hurricane Season Is Here - Is Your Business Disaster-proof? Dr. DR, Brad Tompkins Will Provide Insights on Protecting Your Data
5/22/14Food Truck Thursday - Auto-Banh
5/21/14Google Partners Connect
5/17/14WordCamp Charleston
5/16/14Fridays @ the Corridor- Winning the Talent War
5/08/14Food Truck Thursday
5/08/14Flagship Gallery Reception-Erin Eckman
5/07/14Collaborate '14
5/06/14Benefitfocus One Place. 2014.
4/25/14CODEtalk- Choosing Your Back-end Language- PHP vs. Ruby vs. Python
4/23/14Summit on Information Technology
4/17/142014 iFive:K
4/16/14GitHub Seminar
4/09/14DIG SOUTH
4/08/141-Hour Entrepreneur Boot Camp Info Session
4/03/14Food Truck Thursday
4/02/14GitHub Seminar
3/29/14Hack on SensiBlox at Makelab!
3/28/14Startup Grind Charleston Kickoff Event
3/27/14Food Truck Thursday
3/21/14Innovation Spotlight- BoomTown and Coffee Kind
3/20/14Charleston UX User Group
3/20/14CHUUG- 20th to 20th Contest
3/13/14Tech Anonymous Meetup - March 2014
3/13/14Flagship Art Gallery Reception - Kevin Morrissey
3/11/14Charleston WordPress Meetup
2/25/14Charleston UX User Group
2/21/14The Two-Sides of Effective Branding - How your brand should sound and look
2/20/14CHUUG- 20th to 20th Contest
2/13/14Food Truck Thursdays
2/11/14Charleston WordPress Meetup
1/30/14Food Truck Thursday
1/25/14Makelab Charleston Meetup
1/17/14iOS v. Android- CODEtalk
1/16/14Food Truck Thursday
1/09/14CODEcamp Open House

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Fridays @ the Corridor -Do I Really Need a Millennial to do My Social Media?
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