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The Digital Corridor is a creative effort to attract, nurture and promote Charleston's tech economy through a combination of technology-enabled initiatives and business incentives, private business support and member-driven programming.


Peer Networking
"The Charleston Digital Corridor serves as the central hub for technology companies in the area and what that has done is create a sense of community around the companies that are a part of it."
  • Grier Allen
  • Founder & CEO
  • Boomtown


Opportunities Abound
"Attending courses at CODEcamp allowed me to hone my web development skills while giving me the opportunity to interact with professionals that are driving Charleston technology community."
  • Ryan Barrineau
  • Developer
  • Blue Acorn


Get Working
"As an early stage software company, it was not only important to have a location to grow in but also the means to mature as an organization. The Flagships afforded this flexibility and infrastructure."
  • Earl Bridges
  • Co-founder
  • Good Done Great


Accelerating Growth
"While there are many opportunities for investment, our fund is happy to make growth capital available for Charleston’s tech companies. Michael Knox, Managing Partner, Silicon Harbor Ventures."
  • Michael Knox
  • Managing Partner
  • Silicon Harbor Ventures


Charleston Wins
"Charleston has emerged as a true tech hub in the United States and we are proud to be a part of the movement that is underway here and are committed to seeing talent and companies grow and prosper here."
  • Nate DaPore
  • President & CEO
  • Peoplematter

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John LaCour, CEO, Phishlabs

PhishLabs’ LaCour: The Kid Who Sold Candy At 300-Percent Markup

The Charleston Digital Corridor Leadership Profile series is focused on the individuals who are driving Charleston tech scene forward. This series is brought to you with support from Charleston Southern University.

John LaCour is the founder and CEO of PhishLabs, a cybersecurity services firm with 57 employees located in downtown Charleston. Among PhishLabs' clients are banks, financial services firms, social media companies, airlines, grocery store chains and startups. LaCour founded PhishLabs in 2008 and moved to Charleston in 2009.

Where did you grow up? What was life like and what are your memories from there?

In Baton Rouge. It's actually a lot like Charleston. It's a relatively small town, but there's a lot going on. There's a big university there, there's a lot of government, a lot of services companies and then a real culture of a community. A lot of people there love the outdoors, the fishing, the hunting, all of those things. So Charleston feels a lot like where I grew up in Louisiana. Perhaps the biggest difference is that the palate of Louisianans tends to be for a little bit spicier food than down here in Charleston. But both have great food.

How did you come to be in Charleston?

Like a lot of good stories, there's a woman involved. My wife grew up in Charleston, is from here originally. We met originally in D.C., and around the time I was starting PhishLabs, my wife was looking for her next career opportunity and wanted to be closer to friends and family from Charleston, and she ended up landing a great opportunity at Blackbaud. So I moved PhishLabs down to Charleston.

In your own words, what does your company do?

PhishLabs is a leading provider of managed security services that helps companies fight back against attacks that target people. In the past, most hackers were focused on circumventing technical controls, trying to get around firewalls or exploit software bugs. All of those things still happen today, but there's been a dramatic increase in the number of attacks that really work by tricking people into doing things that they shouldn't.

You hear in the news today large retailers, government agencies, health care companies, entertainment companies being breached. And at the root of these data breaches is an employee or user clicked on something they shouldn't have, opened an email they shouldn't have. So we have a number of services that help fight back against those attacks and really help protect companies against data breach and IP theft.

What drew you to your current business, or inspired you to start it?

I spent most of my career working in IT security, and when I started PhishLabs, I saw that there was an underserved need in the market. Banks, e-commerce companies and others were under constant bombardment of attacks against their customers. There were only a handful (of companies) that even existed trying to help with those problems, and frankly the ones that existed weren't very good.

What was your first job, or most memorable early job? What did you learn from it?

In high school I worked college football games as a peanut vendor. So I'd basically walk up and down the stairs for the duration of the football game selling peanuts. It's a cost-efficient way to build up your cardiovascular endurance, for sure.

One of the lessons is, at the end of the day, it's all about customer service and delivering value to your customers. If you're difficult to do business with, it doesn't matter that you have the best mouse trap. So you have to be easy to do business with, you have to be responsive to customers' needs, and you have to have a good product to be successful in business.

(Selling peanuts), you have people yelling at you from across the place, and you have to develop your pitch so that you can throw peanuts 12 people in and make them land in the right place. It's just a lot of different people, a lot of different personalities. Some people have probably been sipping Jack Daniels from a boot flask or something like that, so it makes for interesting times.

Did you have an entrepreneurial drive early on, or did you acquire it through experiences?

I've always been interested in being an entrepreneur. I was the kid that sold candy at 300-percent markup on the school bus. When I was in college, I somehow, in the early days of the Internet, managed to track down some Russian programmers, and I was trying to figure out a way to hire them to work on some software that I wanted to make. So I've had a bit of that spirit my whole life.

What's the biggest misconception about being an entrepreneur?

That you can't have a life outside of being an entrepreneur. I think you can. Certainly, depending on the stage of your business, what that looks like will vary.

What obstacles have you faced building your business? How have you overcome them?

One of the first obstacles that I think an entrepreneur faces is getting the first customer, or first customers, on board. That can be a challenge. My first customer was a company that I had dealt with previously at a prior job. So I had an existing relationship with them, a certain level of trust. But they hadn't used a service quite like ours, so they were a bit hesitant. I was able to overcome that by offering them a free month of service, to really demonstrate the value of our service. Fortunately, they had a very positive experience and signed a contract for a year of service following that. We were able to use them as a reference going forward for additional customers, and the business took off from there.

What advice would you give aspiring entrepreneurs or new graduates?

To aspiring entrepreneurs, the key bit of advice I would give them is don't wait and don't look for the perfect timing. Don't wait till you have a perfect product. The quickest way to become successful as an entrepreneur is to learn quickly. So anything that you can do to learn quickly about what your customers want, how your product needs to work, what skills you need to have as a leader – the quicker that you can learn, the more successful you'll be. That probably means shipping a product before you know completely what customers want.

For graduates that are interested in cybersecurity or interested in working in technology – we interview a lot of people here, and a lot of them are smart, and a lot of them have work experience. The No. 1 mistake I see, or missed opportunity, perhaps, is to highlight accomplishments. I would much rather know about how someone accomplished a project that had meaningful impact for the company than to know that they understand 14 different programming languages and can write mobile apps in their sleep.

Are you a Mac or a PC? iPhone or Android?

I'm pretty agnostic when it comes to technology and really more focused on the right tool for the job.

What is your usual Starbucks (or other restaurant/pub) order?

Turkey bacon sandwich and a skim latte.

This interview was conducted, condensed and edited by Ashley Fletcher Frampton

PhishLabs Secures Investment, Builds on Success Protecting Against Spear Phishing

Charleston, SC – PhishLabs, the leading provider of 24/7 cybersecurity services that protect against the exploitation of people, announces the closing of a $7 million Series B investment from Fulcrum Equity Partners. This funding will be used to accelerate growth and build upon the company's success in transforming how organizations stop spear phishing attacks and data breaches.

"The way most organizations try to stop phishing attacks isn't getting the job done. We are changing that and we're thrilled to have the support of Fulcrum Equity Partners as we grow," said John LaCour, Founder and CEO of PhishLabs.

In June, PhishLabs launched Spear Phishing Protection, a groundbreaking new solution that is the industry's first around-the-clock security service designed to disrupt spear phishing attacks before the compromise of targeted systems and data. This Series B funding round affirms the company's ability to help organizations dramatically improve their security posture and reinforces the company's position as the authority on phishing protection.

"PhishLabs has gained unmatched expertise and deep domain knowledge from fighting back against real-world phishing threats," said Frank X. Dalton, partner with Fulcrum Equity Partners. "They are uniquely poised to help organizations solve their phishing problems."

PhishLabs is one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity firms in the United States and has been ranked two consecutive years in the Inc. 5000 list. The company is also rated in the Roaring Twenties as the top performing small technology company in the state of South Carolina. Top global organizations, including four of the five largest U.S. financial institutions and some of the leading social brands, use services from PhishLabs.

About PhishLabs

PhishLabs is the leading provider of 24/7 cybersecurity services that protect against threats that exploit people. The company is trusted by top organizations worldwide, including 4 of the 5 largest U.S. financial institutions. PhishLabs combines proprietary technology, intelligence, and human expertise to rapidly detect, analyze, and stop targeted cyberattacks before they impact organizations. Additionally, the company provides robust threat intelligence that strengthens existing cyber defenses and optimizes threat prevention. Leading organizations partner with PhishLabs to more effectively disrupt targeted cyberattacks, prevent data breaches, and reduce online fraud.

About Fulcrum Equity Partners

Fulcrum Equity Partners is a growth equity fund based in Atlanta, Georgia and invests in a wide variety of industries with an emphasis on information technology, healthcare, and technology enabled business service companies. Fulcrum provides equity financing of up to $10 million over the life of the investment to meet a wide range of needs, including internal growth initiatives, acquisitions, management buy-outs, shareholder liquidity and recapitalizations. Additionally, the partners have over 100 years of relevant experience, including operations, venture capital, mezzanine finance, accounting, law, investment banking and strategy consulting. For more information, visit www.fulcrumep.com.

Editors Note: Phishlabs was a resident start-up company at the Charleston Digital Corridor's Flagship and Flagship2 incubator facilities.

Zak Petersen Joins Bluetowne as Technical Services Administrator

MT. PLEASANT, S.C. – November 9, 2015 – Bluetowne, a leading provider of innovative information technology solutions, today announced that Zak Petersen has joined the team as Technical Services Administrator.

Zak will assist with operating Bluetowne's enterprise services practice platform including delivery of professional services, customer infrastructure management, and project implementation services. Joining the team with 4+ years of technical experience, Zak most recently served as a Cloud Computing Engineer/Management Services Engineer at eGroup.

"Zak brings a wealth of knowledge in the types of high performance solutions Bluetowne deploys and supports, and has already offered valuable insight and input into our daily operations." said Eric Hartley, President, Bluetowne. 

"More than that, Zak is a people person. Clients love working with him, and that's something you can't necessarily teach or put a value on. Bluetowne is passionate about delivering responsive, competent and unparalleled customer service, and Zak embodies our core values across the board." Zak commented: "I pride myself with making sure every customer is handled with the best possible service–-no matter how large or small the issue might be. The Bluetowne team is made up of very professional and dynamic individuals who truly put the customer first. It's a rare assemblage of talent, and I foresee Bluetowne going very far in the industry."

Zak brings expertise in numerous best-in-class technologies, and holds CompTIA+, VTSP 5, VSP 5, VMTSP, EMCISA V2, CCNA, CCNA DC, and MCTS certifications. He holds a degree in Business Management & Organization from Maryville College.


About Bluetowne:

Bluetowne's mission is to provide expert, customized end-to-end IT solutions through remarkable customer service. From the mouse to the datacenter, we serve as trusted advisors to advance customer achievement through efficient and cost effective execution. Visit www.bluetowne.com or call 843.352.0130 for more information.

Bizlitics CEO, Stephen Wallace

Bizlitics Selects Charleston, SC For Company Expansion

The Charleston Digital Corridor is pleased to announce that Bizlitics, a data analytics company headquartered in Upstate New York, has selected Charleston, South Carolina for expansion of their business. The company, founded in 2009 by veteran tech professional and former Constellation Brands Chief Information Officer, Stephen Wallace, has commenced business at the Digital Corridor's Flagship2 technology business incubator in Downtown Charleston.

Bizlitics helps customers with analysis and visualization of their data to make better decisions. In making the decision to expand the company to Charleston, Bizlitics considered other cities in the Southeast before selecting Charleston due to the rapidly expanding manufacturing and healthcare base. In addition to the region's robust and diverse economic profile, company founder, Stephen Wallace, also cited Charleston's physical, cultural and climate attributes along with the expansion of air service as strong considerations for his decision.

"Beyond the terrific support for tech companies like ours, a characteristic that is somewhat unique in Charleston is that while the tech companies compete for talent and capital, there is also a great sense of collaboration and community among them," said Bizlitics CEO, Stephen Wallace. "People just seem happy here."

Tech is now five percent of the regional economy and among its fastest growing sector. The Charleston Digital Corridor has set an ambitious goal to grow the tech economy from 350+ companies to 500 by 2020.

"We are honored that Bizlitics has selected Charleston for their expansion," said Ernest Andrade, Charleston Digital Corridor Director. While Charleston's initial ascent as a tech hub has been mostly organic, we have made key investments and are developing key partnerships to help us accelerate the growth of the tech industry at a rate above the national average."

About Bizlitics

Established in 2009, BizLitics specializes in business analytics based solutions and services. With offices in Rochester, NY and Charleston, SC, they develop and deliver end to end solutions that include: Data analysis and assessment; data integration and blending; database warehouse design and build and advanced data visualizations in a way that provides insight and clarity. More: Bizlitics.com

About the Charleston Digital Corridor

The Charleston Digital Corridor is a community-sourced initiative to attract, nurture and promote the regions tech economy through an array of impactful programs, products and events while leveraging Charleston's renowned livability. More: CharlestonDigitalCorridor.com

Good Done Great Acquires AmeriGives

Charleston-based Good Done Great has acquiredAmeriGives, also a corporate philanthropy services provider. The price was not disclosed. AmeriGives, which is headquartered in northern Virginia, will add 32 clients and 15 employees to Good Done Great.

This is Good Done Great's first acquisition in the corporate social responsibility space, president and co-founder Earl Bridges said.

Launched in 2009, Good Done Great provides a platform for employees to find volunteer opportunities, donate to causes, request employer matches, log volunteer hours and assist in disaster relief efforts.

Prior to the acquisition, Good Done Great had more than 40 Fortune 500 companies as customers –- including Staples, Monsanto, Toyota and PricewaterhouseCoopers. About 1.5 million of those companies' employees, in more than 20 countries, use the firm's cloud-based platform.

AmeriGives, launched in 1978, represents nearly 1 million employees who give $28 million annually to more than 15,000 charities, according to the release.

"Good Done great has always been, and continues to be, committed to inspiring revolutionary philanthropy," Bridges said in a news release.

"The highly experienced AmeriGives team will help us help move the needle forward that much faster."

Good Done Great has added 20 employees this year and now operates out of a 6,000-square-foot former church building on Rutledge Avenue. The firm has offices in Tacoma, Wash., and Denver, and now adds AmeriGives' Stuart, Fla., office. Bridges said the company might need international locations in the near future as well.

"These employees bring valuable experience and relationships to Good Done Great and allow us to fill positions which we were already seeking to fill as we continue our rapid growth," Bridges said.

The 44-employee company has raised about $1.75 million of its ongoing $2.5 million angel round.

Biomedical Researcher Craig Beeson Named As FRD 2015 Inventor of Year

CHARLESTON, S.C. – Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Professor Craig Beeson, Ph.D., has earned 2015 Inventor of the Year honors from MUSC Foundation for Research Development for his leadership in creating molecular technologies for medical purposes, including eye drops to halt retinal degeneration that can lead to blindness.

"Dr. Beeson's phenomenal discoveries promise real-world applications not only in the realm of eye disease and disorders but on several other intriguing fronts as well," said FRD Executive Director Michael Rusnak.

Beeson is the third recipient of the Inventor of the Year award, which FRD initiated in 2013 to recognize innovators at the Medical University. His work with other MUSC researchers has resulted in three issued U.S. patents, with 22 other applications in various stages of preparation and prosecution worldwide. These patent filings represent several technology families, six of which have been licensed to companies.

In addition, Beeson co-founded two Charleston-based startup companies with assistance from FRD, which serves as MUSC's technology transfer office.

MitoHealth, which Beeson launched with MUSC Professor Rick G. Schnellmann, Ph.D., seeks to find and develop molecular compounds that improve the health of mitochondria, which play a key role in cellular respiration. One of MitoHealth's lines of research could lead to a landmark treatment for kidney failure.

Beeson also created Mitochem Therapuetics, Inc., with MUSC Professor Baerbel Rohrer, Ph.D. Backed by the Foundation for Fighting Blindness and other donors, they quickly discovered two molecules that protect mitochondria and as a result can slow or stop degeneration caused by retinitis pigmentosa, a group of eye disorders that threaten the vision of as many as 100,000 patients in the U.S. and 1.5 million worldwide. The resulting eye drops that they have developed could be tested on patients in clinical trials in as soon as 18 months.

Mitochem wants to take a similar approach to stopping age-related macular degeneration (AMD), which affects the vision of millions more people. Beyond that, Beeson sees potential applications for an array of disorders, including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and chronic kidney disease. "We believe the technology can be applied to a wide variety of other degenerative diseases," he said.

Beeson came to MUSC in 2002 from the University of Washington's chemistry department because he wanted to have a direct impact on improving people's lives through the development of new medical drugs and therapies. He now serves as a professor in MUSC's Department of Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences and has taken on the role of core director of the MUSC/Seahorse Biosciences Academic Facility among other responsibilities. "MUSC has been very supportive, and the people at FRD have been very supportive," he said.

About MUSC Foundation for Research Development

FRD has served as MUSC's technology transfer office since 1998. During that period, FRD has filed patent applications on more than 350 technologies, resulting in over 140 U.S. issued patents. Additionally, FRD has executed more than 150 licenses and spun out more than 50 startup companies. MUSC startups have had products approved by the FDA and acquired by publicly traded corporations while attracting substantial investment dollars into South Carolina. Innovations from MUSC, including medical devices, therapies and software, are positively impacting health care worldwide. Please visit us online.


Booz Allen Hamilton Acquires Software Services Business of SPARC, LLC

Booz Allen Hamilton today announced that it has acquired the software services unit of the Charleston, S.C. technology firm SPARC, a move that further strengthens and complements the firm's growing capabilities in Agile software development, a key component in its approach to solving complex technology and mission-critical systems challenges.

Booz Allen has acquired the unit, its assets, and about 270 staff who currently provide software development services for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and additional public and private sector clients. This acquisition will expand and enhance the firm's ability to integrate technical and mission-related requirements to deliver technologies like cloud, mobile and modular services using contemporary methodologies such as Agile, DevOps and Open Source.

The services group, which grew its revenue by 26 percent in 2014, will operate from its Charleston facility, where 65 Booz Allen employees are currently co-located. In Booz Allen's fiscal year 2017, the transaction is expected to be accretive to earnings and add approximately $50 million of incremental annual revenue. SPARC's products unit will continue to operate separately under different ownership.

"The SPARC team is a great addition to Booz Allen, bolstering our ability to deliver the large, highly integrated systems that clients are demanding," said Horacio Rozanski, President and Chief Executive Officer of Booz Allen. "This acquisition advances the firm's long-term strategy, which is focused on ensuring we have the specialized talent and technical capabilities we need to drive growth across our client base."

"The SPARC team is known for its deep expertise in modern Agile and DevOps methods, as well as its creativity in delivering solutions integrating cloud computing, UI/UX design, mobile technologies, cyber security, and production operations," said Gary Labovich, Executive Vice President for Booz Allen's systems delivery business. "We see this acquisition as an excellent fit for both companies."

"The opportunity to join a firm like Booz Allen that so strongly values our expertise, shares our focus on culture, and offers the chance to expand into new areas of client work is an exciting development for the SPARC team, and we look forward to accomplishing great things together," said SPARC Chief Executive Officer Marc Murphy.


In 2013, SPARC was ranked by Inc. 500 as the 14th fastest-growing private company in the U.S., and it has been named a South Carolina Best Places to Work winner four times.

Booz Allen has continued to invest in building its systems delivery business in recent years as part of the firm's long-term growth strategy, called Vision 2020. The firm sees growth opportunities driven by client demand for rapid technology innovation in areas such as cloud, big data and mobility; advanced development methodologies and a demand for faster deployments.

"The addition of SPARC expands our portfolio of technical skillsets which are essential for mission-critical systems delivery, furthering our ability to offer our clients cutting-edge solutions and take advantage of growth opportunities in the market for large highly-integrated IT projects," said Labovich.

The firm's differentiator in systems delivery is the combination of its broad range of technology capabilities, an intimate understanding of a client's mission, and an awareness and sensitivity to the management challenges of organizational adaptation and adoption.

In recent months, Booz Allen has won several large high-profile systems delivery contracts, including:

  • A contract valued at $202 million from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to become the Marketplace System Integrator, an essential role in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Booz Allen is leading governance and technical coordination for a complex, interoperable set of systems, while ensuring compliance and alignment with continuing Congressional mandates and evolving regulatory requirements.
  • A task order valued at $83 million over three years to help U.S. Federal agencies stay ahead of evolving Cyber security threats. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the General Services Administration's Federal Systems Integration and Management Center (GSA FEDSIM) selected Booz Allen Hamilton to fulfill Task Order 2D of the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation program. This contract is the second CDM Task Order award for Booz Allen under the DHS CDM Program.
  • A task order valued at $87 million from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs' (VA) Office of Information and Technology (OI&T) for Booz Allen, along with teaming partners, to manage the overall operations and delivery of a VA Mobile Infrastructure Services solution. This includes a public and private cloud Infrastructure that is the foundation for VA mobile capabilities being developed and released to enhance the way VA delivers care to Veterans.

About Booz Allen Hamilton

Booz Allen Hamilton has been at the forefront of strategy and technology for more than 100 years. Today, the firm provides management and technology consulting and engineering services to governments in the civil, defense, and intelligence markets, global corporations, and not-for-profit organizations. Booz Allen partners with private and public sector clients to solve their most difficult challenges. Headquartered in McLean, Virginia, the firm employs more than 22,200 people globally, and had revenue of $5.27 billion for the 12 months ended March 31, 2015. To learn more, visit www.boozallen.com. (BAH)


SPARC is a software company creating engaging, forward-thinking technology while keeping Team Members at the core of everything we do. With offices in Charleston, South Carolina, SPARC provides software development services for the government and commercial sectors, and develops commercial software products for employee engagement, human resources, big data analytics, and mobile markets.

The McLean Group, LLC represented SPARC, LLC as their investment bankers for this transaction.


View source version on businesswire.com:http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20151102005740/en/


Booz Allen Hamilton
Media Relations
James Fisher, 703-377-7595
Investor Relations
Curt Riggle, 703-377-5332

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2016 Economic Outlook Conference

In times of uncertainty whether you are running a business or planning your investments, knowledge can be your most valuable asset.

You are invited to attend the 5th Annual Economic Outlook conference. For the first time in nine years the Federal Reserve will begin to push interest rates higher. 

  • How quickly will rates climb? 
  • What impact will they have? 
  • Why is growth so slow? 
  • What is the outlook for inflation? 
  • How much of a problem is China? 
  • When might the economy slip into recession? 

The Keynote Speaker will be Stephen Slifer – Owner and Chief Economist at NumberNomics, LLC. Mr. Slifer will provide clear and concise answers to these questions.

Cost: $40.00 includes breakfast

Location: Daniel Island Club, 600 Island Park Drive, Charleston, SC 29492

About Stephen Slifer: From 1980 until his retirement in 2003, Mr. Slifer was the Chief U.S. Economist for Lehman Brothers in New York City. In that role he directed the firm's U.S. economics group and was responsible for the firm's forecasts and analysis of the U.S. economy.

Prior to that, he spent a decade as a senior economist at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve in Washington, D.C., forecasting growth in the money supply. He has written two books about the various economic indicators and how they can be used to forecast economic activity. He also writes a regular bi-weekly economics column for the Charleston Regional Business Journal. Mr. Slifer has been widely quoted in press and on television, was voted the top economist by Institutional Investor magazine five years in a row and in 1997 was named as one of the top 100 "Faces to Watch in the Next Millennium."

This event sells out fast. Be sure to book early and consider buying a table of 8 for your company. Register HERE


Come on down to our Pass-a-Pen event! Everyone will have an option to add something neat and unique to the Pen to be shown at the end of the meetup. Plus, we've got complimentary pizza and beer from our friends at the Charleston Digital Corridor!


Agile Charleston - Monthly Meeting

Charlene Cuenca will be discussing Scrum Values at the monthly Agile Charleston meeting. There is no charge and food and drinks provided. This meeting is at Trident Technical College located at 7000 Rivers Avenue, 920 Building, Room 507, North Charleston, SC 29406. Learn more and register HERE

CODEcamp - Responsive Design Bootcamp

Responsive websites make it possible to view your site on screens as small as your mobile browser to as big as an iMac. Learn more and register HERE.

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