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The Digital Corridor is a creative effort to attract, nurture and promote Charleston's knowledge economy through a combination of technology-enabled initiatives and business incentives, private business support and member-driven programming.


Peer Networking
"The Charleston Digital Corridor serves as the central hub for technology companies in the area and what that has done is create a sense of community around the companies that are a part of it."
  • Grier Allen
  • Founder & CEO
  • Boomtown


Opportunities Abound
"Attending courses at CODEcamp allowed me to hone my web development skills while giving me the opportunity to interact with professionals that are driving Charleston technology community."
  • Ryan Barrineau
  • Developer
  • Blue Acorn


Get Working
"As an early stage software company, it was not only important to have a location to grow in but also the means to mature as an organization. The Flagships afforded this flexibility and infrastructure."
  • Earl Bridges
  • Co-founder
  • Good Done Great


Accelerating Growth
"While there are many opportunities for investment, our fund is happy to make growth capital available for Charleston’s tech companies. Michael Knox, Managing Partner, Silicon Harbor Ventures."
  • Michael Knox
  • Managing Partner
  • Silicon Harbor Ventures


Charleston Wins
"Charleston has emerged as a true tech hub in the United States and we are proud to be a part of the movement that is underway here and are committed to seeing talent and companies grow and prosper here."
  • Nate DaPore
  • President & CEO
  • Peoplematter

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Charleston Digital Corridor Launches New Online Hub For Tech Entrepreneurs

The Charleston Digital Corridor is pleased to announce the launch of its new website and information hub in support of Charleston's thriving tech economy. This modern responsive site, with a clean and fresh design, now truly conveys the evolved mission and current scope of the Charleston Digital Corridor. The website was built on the new beta CMS "RDQLS" platform developed by Corridor member sineLABS.

"The Corridor has always been about value for my company and this new site once again raises the bar. Now more than ever this portal acts as the Grand Central Station of Charleston's tech community whether you are the CEO or employee." said Keith McElveen, President of Wave Sciences.

A lot has changed at both the Digital Corridor and on the Internet since the last major update of the organization's website in 2008. The new site, designed to be both more informative and engaging from any device, guides visitors to the information they seek intuitively and efficiently.

"Our goal with the new Digital Corridor site is to showcase for our audience how we now live and allow members to easily connect with the various value-added initiatives and events, while also opening up the CDC to others seeking to get involved and make a difference," said Digital Corridor Director, Ernest Andrade.

A few noteworthy features include:

  • Organization of content into the Corridor's four key pillars
  • Tech employers may now post their jobs directly
  • Detailed information about our current and upcoming Flagship facilities
  • Updated membership levels
  • Expanded membership options as Affiliates and Benefactors

"As someone who supports web design for my clients, I have to say bravo! This website is amazing and truly highlights the work of the Digital Corridor," said Jenn Ash, Director of Client Marketing & Online Learning at Advantage Media Group.

About the Charleston Digital Corridor

The Digital Corridor is a creative initiative to attract, nurture and promote Charleston's knowledge economy through a combination of technology enabled initiatives and business incentives, private business support and member-driven programming. More: www.charlestondigitalcorridor.com

New Biblioboard® Indie Rock Stars Module Will Offer High-Demand Titles From Today’s Hottest Independent Authors In An Unlimited Multi-User Business Model

BiblioBoard today announced that they have signed on partner authors and literary agents to launch a groundbreaking product for libraries that includes 18 New York Times bestselling books in addition to 30 award-winning novels and numerous other bestsellers from USA Today, Boston Globe and other media sources. The Indie Rock Stars module will launch at the ALA Mid-Winter Conference in Chicago on January 30, 2015 and is being added to a growing BiblioBoard unlimited multi-user content collection that now includes over 600 publishers.

Hugh Howey, a champion of indie publishing, is included among the participants. Howey's Wool landed him on the New York Times bestsellers' list, and his previous and subsequent books now have an audience of millions. He readily admits this was made possible thanks to his avid fan base. "The number one challenge any author has is building an audience," says Howey. "Once they have an audience, they have an opportunity to grow their work professionally. Librarians can be a powerful marketing force for authors, especially if they can promote authors they love."

Literary agent Kristin Nelson represents Howey and other top indie publishing superstars. "Libraries and librarians are key players in the battle for discoverability. When authors are in front of more readers, good things happen," says Nelson. "Self publishing authors didn't have an easy way to reach this critical market, which is why NLA Digital chose to partner with BiblioBoard and their innovative mode. Now librarians have access to great titles and can truly evangelize and promote books they think are great."

Nelson prioritizes building a fan base for all of her authors. "I manage writing careers, not books, and those first fans are the hardest to establish. BiblioBoard presents a way for librarians to share books and get more people hooked on these great writers."

BiblioBoard's collection represents a direct answer to libraries' demand for wider access to high-demand content in better patron access models. "Libraries have been asking for reasonably priced access to bestselling books they can make available to patrons in an elegant way," says Mitchell Davis, founder and Chief Business Officer of BiblioBoard. "There is nothing less elegant than one-user-at-a-time checkouts, waitlists or asking patrons to race and finish a book before it disappears from their bookshelf. Our model solves that problem, and at the same time, it does not have the libraries carrying the fear of success that can come from per-use-based payment models."

Davis says the authors, agents and publishers working with BiblioBoard understand that offering their books in this way creates a culture of cooperation that is vital to publishers and librarians as they try to create an increased audience for their offerings in the digital future. He also points out that the indie movement is no longer on the fringes but is clearly mainstream. "There are 280 books in this collection that have sold more than 17 million copies in the past few years. That is a batting average that big 5 publishers would kill for. This whole Indie Rock Star category has as much cultural influence as any of the big 5 and, in essence, has become a big 6. Patrons want these books, and now, they are available without all the hassle of a 1990s user experience."

Participating authors have included items to create a closer author-fan relationship, like interviews, fan art, short stories and video and audio of authors reading their works. Barbara Freethy, the bestselling Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing author of all time, is also part of the initial collection and created book club guides to be used by patrons reading her books. "I decided to be smart and take control of my own career," says Freethy, "and it is precisely this kind of project that rewards my decision. I look forward to being a leader in connecting my books with library patrons in a brand new way and developing a new community around my writing."

About BiblioBoard

BiblioBoard is the PatronsFirst(tm) mobile library. BiblioLabs, the folks behind BiblioBoard are a powerful team based in Charleston, SC. They aim to transform access to information by providing a world-class user experience that thrills library patrons and is profitable for publishers. BiblioBoard is moving library content delivery into the future in a sustainable way. BiblioBoard, used by nearly 2,000 libraries and in three statewide eBook projects, reaches 15 million patrons. BiblioLabs is also a proud member of the Charleston Digital Corridor. To learn more, visit www.biblioboard.com. 

Media Contact

For more information, contact:

Nikki Palazzo

Training and Marketing Coordinator



The Power of Relationships

The Power of Relationships

When we ask ourselves who within an organization has authority in a certain area of the company's operations, we tend to automatically want to check the organization chart. That's not a bad thing. Organizations all rely to some extent on the concepts of hierarchy, authority, accountability and decision rights. Organization charts help to communicate responsibilities and accountabilities for business activities and functions.

But a narrow, organization chart-focused approach to doing business can keep companies from developing creative thinking and teamwork. Excessive concern for decision rights can lead employees to resist taking initiative on the grounds that "it's not my job or area of responsibility." The result is that silos arise around operating areas and functions, leading groups or divisions to function almost autonomously from each other. On its own merits, a department may be very efficient–but if it fails to operate in sync with the organization it will fail to add as much value as it could.

The Real Potential of an Organization

The way to unlock the potential of an organization is not to define ever more specifically who is responsible for which decision. The real potential of an organization is in the relationship between motivated individuals and groups and the mission of the organization as a whole.

Emerging growth companies need to focus on the power of relationships-vertical and lateral relationships within the organization and relationships between the organization and the world outside it. This basic fact is captured in statements we have all heard: "all of us is smarter than one of us" and "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts".

Company founders and CEOs would do well to look hard at their organizations to see how well individuals and departments are connected and working together. Is there common understanding and connectedness towards achieving an outcome? Are different groups cooperating to address such core processes as supply chain and customer service-that by nature cut across departmental silos such as Marketing, Sales and IT? Is there honest communication that allows people to express issues and disagreements openly and constructively?

You should direct even more scrutiny at the frequency and quality of interactions with vendors and customers. Are you hearing about issues, problems and opportunities from vendors and partners? Are they working together with you to achieve their goals? The future of your business depends on getting honest feedback from customers about how well your products and services fit into their direction and plans.

Companies that emphasize the quality of relationships and teamwork across department lines and with key outside stakeholders are in a better position to leverage their collective knowledge and power for long-term, sustainable success.

This article was sent to is by Jordan Berliner and authored by Keith Richards, both partners at Newport Board Group

Newport Board Group is a nationwide partnership of approximately 100 C-level executives who work with CEOs of companies in two kinds of crises - a difficult period a company or its CEO may be going through -or- the "crisis" of growth where growth must be planned for and sustained or the company may stagnate or fail. We also work with companies planning or during a transaction.

We are experienced in:

*Getting to the core issue/need

*Determining needed action


to increase corporate effectiveness and value. In serving our clients, each partner has access to the industry and operating experience of all the other partners to focus our firm's total experience on our clients.

FRD Introduces E-Commerce Platform For Copyrighted Works And Software

CHARLESTON, S.C.MUSC Foundation for Research Development (FRD) has launched an e-commerce platform that serves as a portal through which technologies such as computer software, curricula and medical assessments can be licensed, paid for and downloaded in a few simple clicks.

The platform makes it easier for the public to access and purchase technologies developed at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). Interested parties can search for and view the product descriptions, and at the point of purchase, digitally agree to a license agreement once they receive instructions and authorization from FRD. After that, purchasers can pay securely and download the product online.

The e-commerce platform should boost utilization of MUSC technologies that FRD promotes, said FRD Licensing and Technology Analyst Mark Pacult, who spearheaded the project. "Our site is an easy way to quickly bring MUSC inventions and tools to the community. We've already posted technologies ranging from cell image analysis software to a youth obesity prevention curriculum, and we are looking to build the number of offerings."

The e-commerce platform can be accessed from the FRD online site (frd.musc.edu) by clicking "Online Licensing." The platform went live Oct. 1, and the listed projects have already received more than 600 page views. Most of the offerings are geared to meet the needs of medical students, academic instructors, physicians and researchers. Price points vary, with some listings offered for free.

In addition to academic applications, some offerings have commercial potential. Businesses and investors interested in commercial licensing opportunities for those offerings are instructed within the listings on how to contact FRD staff directly.

"FRD is responsible for the translation of all intellectual property coming from MUSC, so this e-commerce site enables us to commercialize copyrighted works to a broad audience," said FRD Licensing Officer Christine Dixon Thiesing. "This platform will allow us to better serve the innovators at MUSC."

The e-commerce platform currently offers nine technologies:

Junior Doctors of Health Obesity Prevention Curriculum – An interactive, evidence-based health promotion program targeted to students of preschool to eighth grade

DotQuanta Endosome Quantification Software – A platform-independent Python program that quantifies endosome formation in live cells using fluorescent microscopy image analysis

iVital – An iOS mobile app platform to remotely monitor and manage operative cases in real-time

Drug Reconstitution and Dilution Compendium – A comprehensive database of drug information and dilution guidelines for chemotherapy drugs and general intravenous drugs

Gross Anatomy Video Series – A comprehensive set of bone, artery and nerve cadaver dissection videos to supplement instruction in anatomy classes

Services, Pricing & Applications for Research Center (SPARC) – A web-based research management system that integrates research and clinical care work flows

Research Toolkit – A web-based informational portal for scientists organizing and designing research studies

Postpartum Assessment – An 18-point assessment guideline for a complete examination of postpartum patients by clinicians and students

Newborn Assessment – A 32-point assessment guideline for a complete examination of a newborn by clinicians and students.

About MUSC Foundation for Research Development

FRD has served as MUSC's technology transfer office since 1998. During that period, FRD has filed patent applications on more than 320 technologies, resulting in 99 issued patents. Additionally, FRD has executed 125 licenses and spun out more than 40 startup companies. MUSC startups have had products approved by the FDA, been acquired by publicly traded corporations, and attracted substantial investment dollars into South Carolina. Innovations from MUSC, including medical devices, therapies and software, are positively impacting health care worldwide.

Charleston’s Public WiFi Service Now Available at Seven Charleston Parks

Charleston, South Carolina – November 10, 2014 - And then there were seven - Seven parks with public wifi service in Charleston, SC. What started in 2012 with a community grant from Google to bring public wifi service to Marion Square Park in Downtown Charleston, a popular gathering place for locals and visitors alike, has expanded to include four additional park thanks to the leadership at the Charleston Parks Conservancy, City of Charleston and a generous $30,000 donation from the Speedwell Foundation.

The Charleston Digital Corridor has partnered with the Charleston Parks Conservancy to bring wifi service to four new park locations including the Mitchell Playground, Hampton Park, Corrine Jones Park in Downtown Charleston and the Magnolia Community Garden in West Ashley.

"Adding public wifi service to Charleston's high quality parks allows visitors to stay connected while enjoying the outdoors," said Charleston Digital Corridor Foundation Director, Ernest Andrade.

Through the Charleston Free WiFi initiative, civic minded organizations and individuals now have a simple way to enhance public spaces by funding the expansion of the public wi-fi service.


About the Charleston Digital Corridor

The Digital Corridor is a creative initiative to attract and promote Charleston's knowledge economy through a combination of technology-enabled initiatives and business incentives, private business support and member-driven programming. Learn more: CharlestonDigitalCorridor.com.

Distil Union Goes Global With New Wally Euro Wallets

Charleston, SC, November 7, 2014. Charleston's own Distil Union is expanding their line of minimalist leather wallets with the addition of the new Wally Euro. Characterized by the Wally's distinct pull-tab functionality, this billfold-style wallet is perfectly suited to accommodate larger-format bills like those of Europe, Canada and Australia. Crafted of Argentine leather with interior metal money clip, two variations of the Wally Euro are available: One with a squeeze-lock coin pouch, and the other with double card capacity.

Euros are just the beginning for Wally Euro

In designing the Wally Euro wallets, the small team at Distil Union reflected on their travels to places like Hong Kong, Italy and Canada, where coins and bills are noticeably different than those in the US. Based on their own experiences as well as feedback from Wally Wallet fans across the globe, Distil Union has crafted two styles to suit different currency-carrying preferences: The first features a squeeze-to-open coin pouch to conveniently hold a handful of coins right in your wallet. After a trip to Hong Kong, Distil Union's Lead Designer Nate Justiss observed, "The coin-pouch really gave me control of my loose change – especially those large dollar coins. Beyond being convenient, Wally protected the other things I carry in my pocket." The coin-pouch style also features a pull-tab pocket for cards, while the second Wally Euro style features two pull-tab pockets for those who wish to carry twice as many cards and business cards. Each side features a different colored ribbon for effortless organization of contents, so you know at a glance which pocket to pull from. Both Wally Euro styles have an interior spring-loaded money clip to secure both bills and receipts.

On a mission to minimize

With the demand for minimal wallets growing, and so many options on the market, the Wally wallets offer unique functionality by design. The satisfying pull-tab action "ejects" the cards hidden inside for access without opening the wallet; pushing cards back into the pocket will retract the tab. By employing the pull-tab and eliminating the usual interior dividers, Distil Union has distilled the wallet down to its essentials – making it possible to carry the same number of cards and cash in a wallet only a fraction of the typical size. The result: A wallet so slim, it can be comfortably carried in a front pocket, alleviating back pain suffered by many men across the globe. Indeed, Wally has become a tried-and-true solution to "Costanza wallet syndrome" from New York to New Zealand.

Tanned leather from Argentina has been selected due to the unique balance of softness and durability. Over time, Wally Euro will age gracefully and conform to whatever is carried most. Wally Euro Wallets are available now exclusively on distilunion.com for $69.99.

Media members interested in more information may contact Lindsay Windham at (843) 801-5550 or mailto:lindsay@distilunion.com

What's a Distil Union?

Launched in 2012, Distil Union is a micro-collective of designers in Charleston, SC with over a decade of experience in the Apple accessories market. "Distil" references their philosophy of getting to the essence of a problem and solving it with design that's simply useful, attractive and considered. "Union" – that's easy, it's how they've joined together to have fun (and work hard) creating solutions to real-life problems. Since the introduction of their original Wally Leather Wallet for iPhone on Kickstarter in 2013, Distil Union has been on a mission to simplify what we put in our pockets and minimize the everyday carry. For more information please visit DistilUnion.com


Press Contact: Lindsay Windham, Distil Union Designer Tel: 843-801-5550 lindsay@distilunion.com

Good Done Great raises $500,000 from Seattle-based Lighter Capital

Good Done Great has raised $500,000 through a business loan from Seattle-based Lighter Capital.

The Charleston technology company provides Fortune 500 companies, including GulfStream, Marriott and Staples, with a cloud-based platform to augment their philanthropy programs. Its products help corporations manage grants and match employee donations or volunteer hours logged with nonprofits.

"We decided to work on improving the world of giving and move it all online to make it easier. ... It's all about companies participating more in their communities and supporting their employees and what they care about," Good Done Great CEO David Barach said.

Barach and company President Earl Bridges knew each other from a previous startup and decided to start Good Done Great from South Carolina and Washington in 2009.

Barach oversees 10 employees in Tacoma, Wash., and Bridges is based in Charleston with 18 employees. Thecompany moved into the Charleston Digital Corridor's Flagship building in 2012 until it outgrew its space there and relocated to Daniel Island. Barach said the company looks to relocate back to the peninsula as it grows.

The funds from Lighter Capital are Good Done Great's first outside financing. The co-founders are also in the midst of raising funds through the company's first angel round, with a goal of securing more than $3 million. Meetings with angel groups in South Carolina are ongoing, the company said.

The funding will allow the company to scale its operations. It has already purchased intellectual property fromGive.com, a site that helps people donate to charities, and hired two new vice presidents as part of its growth plans.

"Prior to working with Lighter Capital, we grew our business conservatively, using only our own revenue, which may seem a quaint concept in today's startup environment," Barach said. "Now as client demand puts us in a position to ramp up, outside capital will help us manage growth rapidly and efficiently." Lighter Capital operates with a revenue-based financing model, meaning the monthly loan payments adjust in proportion to revenue. If a company does not make revenue during a month, it does not make a loan payment.

Lighter Capital provides $50,000 to $1 million in funding for growing technology businesses looking to accelerate their sales, marketing or product development efforts.

Bridges said in a statement, "As our client base and the universe of CSR (corporate social responsibility) programs continues to expand, we are eager to scale our operation quite significantly. ... It eventually became clear that revenue-based financing was the best path for quickly addressing our needs and growing our company."

Good Done Great's software is used by more than 800,000 employees for corporate philanthropy efforts.

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BSides Charleston 2014

BSides is a community-driven framework for building events for and by information security community members. The goal is to expand the spectrum of conversation beyond the traditional confines of space and time.Learn More.

2015 Economic Outlook Conference

You are invited to join Keynote speaker, Stephen Slifer, Owner and Chief Economist at NumberNomics, LLC,  for the 4th annual economic outlook conference. For the first time in eight years the Federal Reserve will begin to push interest rates higher. How quickly will rates climb? What impact will they have? When might the economy slip into recession? When will wages begin to rise? What is the outlook for inflation? What are the risks surrounding that forecast? Stephen will provide clear and concise answers to these questions. This event sells out fast so please book early and consider buying a table of 8 for your company. Register here.

Women in Tech meetup

The Charleston Digital Corridor is hosting a Holiday Mingle Meet-up for women, students and professionals, interested in connecting with other women in the tech industry. A panel of female software developers and engineers will be on site to lead the discussion as well as address any specific questions presented.

Feel free to come and mingle, talk code and become part of the "women in tech" community. All are welcome.

This free event will be held at FS2 on December 10th from 5:30pm-7:30pm. On-site parking is free. Light refreshments will be served thanks to our sponsor - Google. RSVP for this event and stay tuned to all other Women In Tech events at our dedicated meetup page.